Chapter two

Sasha stretched as she got out of bed. The sun was shining in through her window. It was about mid-morning. She had so much to do today, where could she begin?
She walked down stairs where she made herself some breakfast. Then she went back up stairs to change into her dress. She made her way back down the stairs, and then she slowly made her way to the door and turned her closed sign to where it said open. As usual there were at least thirty young ladies of court waiting for her to turn the sign. The shop doors almost exploded when all of the ladies entered.
It would soon be the annual Christmas ball in three weeks and all of the ladies of Arcadia's court had come to Sasha's large dress shop. Sasha was a dress designer. She would sell or sew dresses for the ladies of the Arcadian court or whoever wanted a dress.
She was a very wealthy young woman. She had never been married, but her family was wealthy and well established in the court. Her father was a member of the kingdoms counsel and Her mother was a famous seamstress. The kingdom often asks Sasha for counsel and advice, they had offered her a seat in the court as the first lady of Arcadia to be on the counsel. Sasha turned this high offer down. She told the kingdom that she would give advice if they needed it, but she wanted to live a normal life and work hard for her earnings, like her mother.
Both her parents passed away a couple of years ago. They had left Sasha plenty of money to sustain her career as a seamstress. Sasha made a reasonable amount of money designing and selling dresses. The kingdom of Arcadia always threw balls and parties for all kinds of occasions, so naturally everyone going needed a different dress,
Sasha hurried toward the standing pedestal to measure her first customer of the day. She took measurements and jotted them down with her feather pen and scroll of paper. The girl she was measuring and raping in fabric was Duke Landpold's daughter, Celia. She was a very picky and snobby customer of Sasha's. Yet she kept coming to Sasha for dresses, which is saying a lot.

"Tighter Lady Rose! I want it to fit my girlish form perfectly!" She demanded as Sasha wrapped and cut the fabric around Celia.

"Any tighter and your eyes will bug out, and stop squirming around! I'm trying to pin this side!" Sasha said to Celia.

After Celia was all done the next customer was Kaily, Lord Sherfort's daughter. She was a chubby thing with a cute face. Sasha often pictured her to be a chipmunk.

"I want lots of lace and maybe some silk too!" She said excitedly.

"Lace and silk it is." Sasha said as she wrote the request down.

After about six or seven hours of wrapping and writing, Sasha finally closed her shop. She had so many other things to do. She needed to place orders for certain requested fabrics and all that kind of stuff.
She closed her door and locked it behind her as she walked out into the still busy street. It was a few hours after noon. She made her way through the crowd and pushed her way to the market place. One of the busiest in the kingdom.
Sasha finally made it to the fruits and vegetable stand where her friend Carla worked. Carla lived on the outskirts of the city, where she grew her vegetables and fruits. Her husband Henry usually did the plowing and other manual labor. Carla and Henry have been watching over Sasha since her parents died. They were friends of her family.

"Carla!" Sasha called over the crowd as she arrived at the stand.

"Sasha! Good day to you!" Carla was very happy today, Sasha could tell.

"How is Henry doing Carla?" Sasha asked as she finally made it up to Carla. Henry had fallen very ill lately. He was getting very old. They hadn't pulled up enough money to send him to the medicine man in the kingdom. The price was outrageous for his services.

"Oh Sasha a miracle has happened, a pure miracle! You will not believe this! Last night a rider in black came through the town, he seemed to be in a hurry. He came to me, as I was about to leave and go home. He told me he had something for me. He handed me a satchel full of gold coins! I was shocked! He also told me to tell no one that I had seen him that night. I trust you though lady Sasha. It is enough to send Henry to get some treatment at the kingdom! I am so blessed!" Carla exclaimed happily.

"Oh Carla that is so wonderful!" Sasha had been very worried about Carla and Henry and their health. Sasha was very glad to hear of such great news.

"I've come for my usual." Sasha said. Carla immediately got a sack and started putting all of the things that Sasha usually bought into it.

"Thanks, and tell Henry that I hope he gets better!" Sasha said while walking away. She would have stayed longer but she had some business to take care of at the kingdom. They sent a message to her yesterday saying that her presence was requested. She had to hurry to be on time.