Faithless Hope

The dark silver knife shiny and sharp
Laid just above the pale white ashen skin
Her heart thumped faster, anticipation, a smile formed
She tasted the sweet sensuality of this pitiful sin
The thrill of how it would feel
To slice the skin and let the blood run free
To escape like from a prison
Like the sadness and pain, it would flee

But something kept that knife from moving any closer
Covering her skin there was an invisible shield of...of Hope
Through hope and possibilities, she found doubt
But will this really bring me peace and help me cope
This conclusion shook her soul awake
Her body was paralyzed by doubt
Could things get better, it couldn't get worse
It amazed her, the permanence of bowing out

On that November morning, as the clouds moved
A glimmer of hope through the light of the sun that day
Reached as far as it could, touching everything in sight
Intruding on her spirit she wanted to run away

The bitter cold breeze bit into her skin
And it weaved tangles throughout her hair
She thought, maybe with her Faithless Hope
Just one more day she could bare