Hiding from Emotion

Was ever a wiser thing done?

To some, I will sound unpardonably cold

Others may feel in agonizing need of a gun

But hear me out,

As unfolds my profound theory,

That will protect you

And hold you up when you grow inevitably weary

The thought came rather forcefully upon me

When a jaded friend came to my door

With enough liquid in her eyes to rival that of the sea

She cried in fervor, "My love has left me!"

In a voice that assaulted the ear

Her plight she did explain,

To me, her reluctant peer

"You will find another," said I,

But, she refused. "For him will I cry!"

"For him will I burn!"

"For him will I sigh!"

"For him will I yearn!"

"For him will I die!"

I tried to reason with the devastated girl to no avail

For her emotional ship had unquestionably set sail

This event led me

To the unavoidable inquiry

What is Emotion?

A path that leads to inescapable desolation

A whirlpool of perplexity

Minus, of course, that burning sensation

All that 'feeling' does is leave you

In a state of impenetrable mystification

My dear pupils, even without me

In time, of course,

Your eyes would open and the truth would you see

But I feel it is my duty to give you a head start

So take my humble yet insightful advice,

For by doing so you could only be labeled 'smart',

And abolish that dastardly thing called Emotion

For indeed, if someone would propose it's exile a law

I would unwaveringly second the motion

Mask the hate

Cloak the pain

And evade all things

That make us not quite sane

Bury ideas of love

It is certainly not a gift from above!

For it is forged time after time

And leaves half of humanity

As sour and bitter as a lime

So my friends, I entreat you

To not let these things beat you

Dry your tears

Hide your scars

Put aside your fears

For when your mind is unconquerable in this way

You will be proficient enough to greet many a day