What a day to be an American! After two hard years of battling, of fighting it out, of fixing the election problems of 2000, this country stood up and shouted with a loud, booming voice, "Four more years!" And if that wasn't enough, if showing to the country and to the world that President Bush was the man we wanted to be president (this time with the popular vote too!) wasn't enough, bwe went on to show those same people that we are a country that believes in Republican ideology by taking four new seats in the Senate (including that of Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle) and one new seat in the House of Representatives!

And there will be no recounts, no hanging chads, no Supreme Court…no, this was a fair and square election and the American people made it clear who they supported. All 59,000,000 plus!

But what does London's Daily Mirror say? "How could 59,000,000 people be so Dumb?!"

That just makes this victory all the sweeter. Nobody on the left, surely not in Europe, can understand what happened. Of course they can't! They haven't understood what drives Americans, what drives the heartland, for years now! More and more they moved to the left while the rest of the country moved to the right and today the Democrat Party is in shambles.

Some say "Well Bush divided this country!" Is that so? Then why does the Left, why do Democrats scream "He's not my president!" as we speak! Why are there Democrats trying to find something, anything—hell, grasping—at conspiracy theories to explain away their loss? Why are they trying to downplay a legitimate win? Because they cannot, will not, admit they lost. They will not accept that their ideology does not agree with the majority of America, that who they ran as president was a man not accepted by the even their own voters!

They might scream, "It was a vote out of fear!" But it wasn't! The main issue for voters was…ready for this? Morals! MORALS! If that doesn't say enough! Republican morals, not Democratic ones, are what people voted on. Its what gave the GOP a 55 seat lead in the Senate, which gave them 234 seats in the House of Representatives. It wasn't about Iraq, or Osama, or the economy, or taxes…but morals. Morals folks!

So why did Kerry lose?! There were so many Democrats, right? So many new registered voters! So many young voters ready to unseat and re-defeat George W. Bush! Movies passed off as documentaries were created! Prison scandals! Three million…wait, 2.7 million…I mean 1.9 million…hold on, 1.2 million…okay, fine, 800,000 jobs lost! PATRIOT Act! How did he win?

Because the man running against Bush had no backbone! Nobody ever liked John Kerry, he was supported because he was the option against Bush! That was it. And now the stories are coming out, in Newsweek, Time, etc. The Kerry Campaign was always in disarray; Kerry himself couldn't make a decision, and the Clintonistas jumped in with their two cents as well.

Yet it goes even farther than that. Democrats and liberals just do not understand that this country is not a liberal country! We tried liberalism…forty years ago. It worked then, but it does not work now. We gave it a last gasp in the 90s under Bill Clinton, but in the end this country showed we are a conservative country. This does not mean we're out to push women back into the kitchens, or we want to bring back Jim Crow laws, or that we're out to run ram shod over the world. It just means that we're about conservative values, a more nuclear family. A family that preaches responsibility and not excuses. That's our core.

But the Dems think other wise. They blame the loss on those "stupid, gun toting, war loving, gay hating, Jesus freak, rednecks." They say a "vote for Bush is a vote for death." Or, as I heard on Air America radio, "the American people just voted for four more years…welcome to Hell."

This is why their party is in shambles and why they have no chance of regaining seats or power until they figure out how to appeal to the heartland. To that means a total restructure of the Democratic Party…or else watch the Party continue it's fall from grace for generations to come. I don't know what the Democrats can do, really. Maybe reject the platform of the liberals, but only they can figure it out.

For now, I'm going to sit back with a big smile on my face. This country is headed in the right direction now, and have a legitimate president. It was a hard, bitter fight. Some of us lost friends and even alienated family members, but sometimes it's worth it. Those divisions won't last. Finally this election is over, and the Republican Party was victorious. It's a great day to be an American!