I have sat in the depths of my mind for too long now
Watching others walk past me, without a glace
I look out from my cage
Trying to find a door to the outside cold world.
There is no real light here
I am consumed in the dark night
And I believe that I am utterly alone
But is there someone out there trying to find me?
I wonder; does anyone know that I am actually alive?
I will sit here alone in the silence
Waiting for a chance to leave
My hopes for the better world keep me alive.
Yet I have somehow been saved
The key to the cage has been laid before me
But I am too afraid to use it
I know nothing else but this cage.
A warm hand reaches through the cold bars
It takes me and helps me leave this horrid place
I step out of this cage in silence
The warmth of loving arms are around me
And the cage is gone