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"I can't believe I'm doing this." Brian stared at the horse with dread. Bree smiled and tipped the cowboy hat that seemed to be permanently attached to her head.

"You'll be fine, Bri. It's simple. Just calm down or you'll make him nervous."

"Oh he's nervous?" Brian muttered scornfully. The class watched with enthusiasm, desperate for some drama.

"Calm down." Bree repeated with a reassuring smile. "Just do what I told you."

With a very audible gulp Brian hooked his right foot into the stirrup. He glanced at Bree who grinned broadly and gave him a thumbs up.

"Go on." She urged.

"Yeah, break a leg!" Koda called out, chortling. Brian gulped again. The horse snorted and pawed the ground impatiently and Brian fought back the urge to bolt. Far, far away. He closed his eyes, prayed for his mother to throw him a decent funeral, and swung himself over. Only when Bree cheered did he dare open his eyes. He was on the horse. The fear in his gut disappeared and was replaced by sweet relief.

"I told you that you could do it." Bree laughed, ever the optimist. "Now take the reins."

Brian touched the reins gingerly, excitement building in him. His mother was right; he loved riding horses. But before he could do anything major, the bell rang. Bree scowled obviously as annoyed as he was. She loved watching people experience HorseJoy.

"Careful." She warned as Brian contemplated on how to get down. He untangled his left foot from the stirrup and carefully swung that leg over, before falling flat on his face in the dirt.

"Oh my god are you okay?!" Bree knelt down beside him and touched his shoulder worriedly. He rose to his knees and spat out a mouthful of gravel.

"I'm fine." He muttered, his face bright red. The class was laughing hysterically and Bree whirled around and yelled at them to rack off.

"Mum is such a liar." Brian said sulkily.

"Have a nice trip this morning?" Matt teased at dinner, spinning the chair around and sitting on it backwards like he always did. Brian glared at him. "Ha, ha. I forgot how to laugh."

Bree rolled her eyes. "Stop worrying about it. Heaps of people fall on their first try, don't they Matt?"

"Oh, yeah." He fought to keep a straight face. "Heaps."

Brian threw his apple at him but the blonde ducked and it hit the girl behind him square in the back.

"Oops." Was all he had time to say before the girl sent half a buttered bun his way. He managed to dodge it and it landed on the person behind him, leaving a perfect imprint of butter in their hair.

"FOOD FIGHT!" Someone yelled.

"But it was an accident!"

"I'm sure it was." Moncrieff smiled stiffly. "You've been here less than a fortnight, Mr York, and already begin causing trouble. Is this something I'll have to put up with for the rest of the year?"

"No." Brian stared at his shoes. "It wasn't even my fault. I didn't mean to start anything, I was just mucking around. I'm sorry."

Moncrieff smiled sadly. "So am I. For you'll be cleaning it all up."

"What?! Matt started it too! Why isn't he getting punished?!"

Moncrieff shrugged. "Several witnesses have claimed you started it first. You threw the first bit, you clean it up. I'm sorry Brian. That's just the way it is."

"But – "

"Are you going to argue? I'd hate to have to call your mother." He picked up the phone, smiling sweetly when Brian shook his head frantically.

"Good boy. Off you go now. Have fun."

Brian winced as he squeezed the yellow sponge. He scrubbed at the table moodily. The dining room was a complete mess. Pieces of spaghetti, lumps of bread, smears of butter, fruit and other random food particles clung to the walls and stuck to the tabletops. It was amazing how much food there was altogether.

"Stupid bloody son of a bitch…" He grumbled, dunking the sponge again.

"Tut-tut, language." Jamie drawled, leaning against the doorway. "Having fun?"

"Oh yeah." Brian agreed sarcastically. "Can't you hear the laughter?"

Jamie smirked silkily. "It's your own fault."

"It is not! You were there, you saw it, I didn't start it! Well…not intentionally." He added miserably. "Shouldn't you be in bed, anyway? It's gotta be after ten."

Jamie shrugged. "Went to see someone, figured I'd drop by and gloat a bit."

"Gee thanks." Brian picked at a bit of meatball with his fingernails.

"You're smellcome. You be careful now, wouldn't want to wreck those delicate hands." He winked and disappeared, leaving Brian feeling slightly flustered.
"'Delicate hands.'" He snorted viciously attacking a hunk of something that might not have even been edible.

Fifteen minutes later he threw the sponge back into the bucket and trudged to the kitchen.

'There's gotta be something to drink in here.' He thought, flicking the switch. "AAAH!"

"Shh!" The girl put her finger to her lips quickly, shutting the fridge door with her foot. She had an opened chocolate bar in her hand and Brian stared at her, still getting over it.

"You scared the hell out of me." He said finally when his pulse had calmed down enough for him to breathe properly again.

"Sorry." She apologized sheepishly. She was wearing an oversized Mickey Mouse shirt, fishnet stockings, Bugs Bunny slippers and pink elbow length fingerless gloves. Brian smiled weakly. "It's fine."

"I'm Kate."

"Brian. So…do you usually steal food from the fridge in the middle of the night?"

She grinned. "Why waste my food when I can waste theirs?"

Brian's smile strengthened. "Fair enough. Your secret's safe with me."

There was a long silence. Finally, Kate offered the chocolate. "Want some?"

He picked up the telephone and hesitated before sliding the coins into the slot. He dialed the number and leant against the wall.

"Hey…um, it's me."

"Brian?" Elizabeth didn't ask what he was doing calling her at nearly midnight. Instead she just smiled blearily. "Hey baby. What's up?"
"Not a lot. I just finished detention." He added nervously. There was a slight pause.

"What for?"

"Apparently I started a food fight, which I didn't." He scowled. "I just had to clean it up."

Elizabeth shook her head. "Bad boy. Just as long as it wasn't for anything serious. How's it going? Have you met some nice friends?"

"Um yeah." He glanced around the corner. He kept imagining he could hear footsteps. "There's this guy, Matt, and Bree. I tried the horse riding thing today."

"Really?" She perked up. She loved horses. As soon as they got enough money she planned to buy one. God knows they had a big enough yard for one. "That's great hon. How'd it go?"

He blushed. "I fell off."

Elizabeth cracked up laughing and he panicked. "I have to go someone's coming." He hung up and held his breath.

"Using the phone after curfew, bad little boy." Kate mocked, wagging her Cheezel covered finger. Brian relaxed. "You scared me. Again."

"Yes I seem to have a habit of that don't I?" She said vaguely, popping a Cheezel into her mouth. "C'mon, let's get you back to bed."

The next time he saw Kate again was his language class. He hadn't wanted to take it but his mother had insisted. She was adamant that it would come in handy someday, in case he ever got kicked out of the country or had to 'lie low' in another. She seemed to think there was a 50 chance he'd end up a criminal mastermind. Brian wished there'd been a language other than Spanish. The only thing he knew about Spain was that the people there seemed to like dancing a lot.

The Spanish teacher, Tebbany, was a petite woman with skin the colour of mocha, long black curls and a friendly yet somewhat arrogant smile. She was Jamie's mother and had a strange sense of humour.

"N00b huh?" She smirked and Brian got a sense of déjà vu. "Don't worry, we'll take care of you." She winked and Brian glanced at Kate uneasily. She smiled brightly back and licked a lolly wrapper clean.

By the end of the LOTE lesson Brian had learned that Spain was somewhere over the other side of the world, the people there seemed to like dancing a lot and as cool as Tebbany was, she sure liked homework.

"This is ridiculous. I'll never get this done." Brian growled, closing his new textbook angrily. Kate giggled and walked with him to the dining room.

"Aw it'll be fine. You just need to learn to love the books more. You should try naming them! I named mine David Beckham." She added, giving it a kiss.

Brian blinked. "You are by far the weirdest person I've ever met." Suddenly they reached the door and he glanced over at his table, where Matt and Bree were already waiting. "Hey um, if you wanna, I mean if you don't have anything better to do, if you want to you can hang with us."

Kate felt mortified. She hated her lack-of-friends being pointed out. Especially by people who were just trying to help. Somehow, that made it so much worse. She looked over where Matt and Bree were watching, whispering to each other, and shook her head with a forced smile.

"Nah it's all great, I've got things to do. Thanks anyway!" She waved and walked out again, quickly heading for her little spot behind the gardeners shed.

"What were you talking to her for?" Matt asked with some disgust as Brian sat down. He frowned. "Why shouldn't I?"

Matt shook his head. "She's just weird. No one likes her, man."

Bree rolled her eyes. "Don't be cruel Matt. She's not weird, she's just different. Individual, I guess."

"I'm telling you she's not normal."

"Seemed normal to me." Brian mumbled under his breath. Matt didn't hear him or if he did, he ignored it.

"Matt!" Brian hissed, throwing off his covers. The other boy continued snoring and Brian groaned. It was 12:45 and he hadn't gotten a wink.

"God do you ever shut up?!" He cried out in aggravation as Matt let out a particularly loud snort. He picked up his pillow and threw it at the sleeping boy's head, not all that surprised when it had no affect.

"This sucks." He grumbled, sitting up. He ran his fingers through his hair and got up to go stare aimlessly at the mirror for a bit. He cried out as his foot suddenly hit something, and crashed to the ground. Matt grunted and rolled over.

"Jesus fucking Christ!" He rubbed his toes and grabbed the hard lump, turning it over in his hands. It was the Spanish textbook. He shrugged, grabbed his notebook and slipped out, shutting the door behind him.

"Stupid index." He turned the page and peered at the blurry words. He needed glasses, he really did. He hadn't mentioned it to his mother though, and cleverly avoided every optometrist appointment she set up. The idea of wearing glasses just scared him.

Suddenly he jerked up as the sounds of laughter approached. He tensed as Koda and Jamie ghosted in, snickering and bumping each other playfully.

"And what are you doing here?" Koda noticed him and slunk over, grinning wickedly. Brian thumbed the page nervously. "Um, homework?"

"I see." He smirked and perched on the desk. "So you're a good little boy then?"

Brian flushed. There was something about Koda and Jamie, especially Koda that made him nervous. He didn't like it.

Jamie leant over his shoulder and scanned Brian's messy scrawl that passed for writing. "Hmmm let's see…that's wrong that's wrong, yep, that's wrong, that is so definitely wrong and oh look, wrong."

"I've only just started the dumb class." Brian snapped defensively, snapping the notebook shut.

"I'm sure you'll catch up with this smart lil' brain o' yours." Jamie ruffled his hair and laughed when Brian jerked away. "Calm down B, we're just messin' with you."

"Can you go away?" Brian muttered, glaring at the desk. Koda pretended to think about it.

"We're in a public area. You can't kick us out. But we'll leave, just for you." He winked, licked his lips and jumped off the table, beckoning for Jamie to follow. Brian waited until they were gone from view before relaxing. He opened up his notebook again but found he couldn't concentrate. It was lingering on 2:00 and he was beginning to get tired. He glanced at the door to the kitchen and wondered.

"Kate?" He pushed the door open and entered the dark room.

Kate instantly started babbling excuses, until she realized it was just Brian. "Oh phew, I thought it was the bloody cook or something. Cracker?"

"Thanks." He took one and sat down on the floor opposite her. "So, what's up?"

Koda rolled over onto his stomach and stretched like a cat. "Interesting night, that."

"Mmm." Jamie replied vaguely, rolling the cigarette between his fingers. Koda glanced over at him and smirked. "What? You're thinking. That's kind of scary."

Jamie shook his head. "Nah. That Brian kid's a bit weird, don't you think? I mean…he's just weird."

Koda arched an eyebrow and flipped back over. "I don't think he's any weirder than anyone else in here. Hot, though."

Jamie smiled wryly at his friend. "Kodes you think everyone's hot."

"True." Koda grinned and stared up at the ceiling wistfully. "I'd say he's about…number three."

"Number three of what?"

"On my list of guys I want to fuck but can't."

Jamie cracked up laughing. "You have a list? God you're sad."

Koda threw his pillow at him and smirked. "Shut up. Yes I do and at the moment he's sitting at about three. Matty's two." He added with another lick of his lips. Jamie shook his head with a disbelieving grin. "Who's unlucky enough to be one?"

Koda glanced at him and, after a short pause, smiled and said, "you."

Jamie faltered and Koda laughed at his friend's sudden unease. "Chill dude, it's not like I'm desperate for you or anythin'." He paused. "Hey…back to that kid…" he started to smile slyly again, "We like challenges, right? And you do love a good bet."

Jamie smirked and slid off his bed, kicking his feet up onto Koda's. "Continue."

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