By Kokeshi088

All you innocent children

Tell them now

Your playtime is over

Put your playthings away

Now you grow older

Childhood is fading

Memories of playtime joys

Smiles and laughter fade

All your dreams and fantasies

They change and someday die

The little doll held at your side

She will not be there the next day

All the hopes desires and smiles

Going away, and going away

What do you think of yourself?

Little doll, you'll never change

Innocent and endearing

A smile that never frowns

Eyes that sparkle forevermore

You don't want to die away

Why don't you change?

Why don't you cry?

Your tearless eyes just laugh

That pain, my dear

You never question

As those around you grow and die

Watching with your tearless eyes

A broken doll that never changes

Why can't I?

Playtime's long been over

Don't just sit and wait!

They won't come back again

So why can't you fade?

Because your joy, your laughter

Doesn't die, you never change

You never cry

Tossed away in the bin right now

Forgotten of your lust

Why do you so torment me?

Is it because you'll never die?

Why must I sit here alone?

Why must I be alone in this terrible pain?

I know that I will cry one day

But grown-ups don't cry, do they?

Little doll I wish I was like you

Once we were so much alike!

Why can't I just break down and cry

Why must I forsake you?

I feel the pain

Little child,

Playtime's over

Now stop crying

Playtime is over, it's okay

Please stop crying, it's okay

Smile, you'll be okay

When you grow up, it's okay