The Sanctity

by Megan Auffart

Yeah, marriage sure is a sacred institution all right, here in America.
Because marriages never go sour, at all. And they certainly don't often
contain their own little melodramas of abuse and adultery and hatred and
misery, all wrapped up in a neat little package because two gold rings
symbolize a promise that neither participant intended to keep. God. I am
so not liking George Bush right now.

Sorry for getting political there. This is a poem that I wrote after
thinking about the so-called "sanctity of marriage" and how, often times,
that's just not true. Forgive my rambling, and please, leave a review!

Do it for the kids!
Stick together like mad dogs
with your teeth, ferocious, bared
and your daughter, huddled, scared
in the corner while you leap
and gnash your teeth into his throat

For the kids! For the kids!

And they will learn their lessons well:
Learn to never have a home
because a home, for them, is hell
Where two selfish, snarling people
will tear at each other's hearts
with their insults and derision
and their lies that tear apart
at every aspect of the truth
at every tiny bit of trust.
They confine themselves together
till their love turns to disgust.

And you say you're doing right by them
You say you're being fair
It's a sacrifice! A gift to them!
A cross that you would bear.
But the yelling
and the screaming
and the clawing at his face
And the slaps you have to handle
With unfeminine disgrace.

Yeah, you do it for the kids
You stay together for the kids
You make a martyr of your marriage
and your home - all for the kids!
While they huddle in the corner
full of hurt and fear and hate.
It's the suffering and misery
that makes a family great.
So ruin future lives
with your present loveless sham
of a marriage never giving
its own kids the slightest damn