AN: Fictionpress will let me update again! Yey! Anyway, no offence to anyone in this essay, it's just how I feel. I'm going to be talking about abortion, homosexuality and gun crime etc. If you are offended by these subjects, one, why the hell are you on this part of the website?! and two, leave now. Also, you have problems if you find homosexuality offensive and I- no, I'll start the essay in a minute. Anyway. Enjoy, review constructively. Oh yah, PG for language. I swear a lot when I'm annoyed. I'll try to keep it to a minimum. Enjoy.


What's the use of sending a $2 million missile into a $10 tent to hit a camel in the butt?

-George W. Bush

Nuclear war would really set back cable.

-Ted Turner


For these past few months, I've been watching Mr Bush campaign against Senator Kerry and promise, um, lots of...stuff. Wow, what did he actually talk about?

Shown on Channel 4 in England this week was a show called The Dirty Race For The White House. There was a particularly memorable scene where the reporter travelled to a place in Ohio called Cleveland (I'm guessing most people have heard of it, especially after the endless harassing of Ohio residents during the presedential campaign), into what was described in the programme as "an inner city ghetto". It was an area that many African-Americans lived in, and was also a poor area.

Practically nobody was going to vote.

When asked why, a local journalist working for the Cleveland Free Press (I think that was the name, I may be wrong) showed the reporter a huge wall with many pictures of young people, babies and children on it. It was a memorial. They were all the children that had died from gun crime in the last 3 or 4 years. The wall could have easily been the side of a factory, it was that big, and it was practically full. The British reporter turned away, disgusted with tears running down his face, from the humanity that was being displayed on that wall. I myself felt like crying as well. There were all these grinning faces, of children playing, eating, joking and talking. Just being kids. And they were all dead.

Not ONCE did I hear the issue of gun crime raised on the news. Not ONCE did I hear Kerry or Bush utter the words "Gun crime is a problem in America today." Not that I'd expect Bush to, of course. It's one of those issues for me that means I can never support a Republican in their convictions. I'm sure if you watched all the debate footage and every news channel there is, you'd hear something about it. But I didn't, because I don't have time. Neither did the people in Cleveland. They're going to be doing the same as anyone else, working and doing their own stuff. They might watch the news at night, or read the newspaper. Like one Cleveland-er in the programme said, "It's just two rich white guys battling it out, saying basically the same thing, with the same people funding and not really giving a damn about people like us! I don't care, there's no difference!" This was the message being put across to the large majority of American people on the issues.

Also, these so-called "Swift Boat Veterans For Truth" or whatever. Nobody really, I mean REALLY cares about Kerry's war record, because he SERVED. Yes, SERVED! I know Bush doesn't understand this because he never did anything like that. But Kerry went to Vietnam, got a piece of shrapnel in him, came back, gained three purple hearts. He may have done more or less than that, but clearly back then, somebody who was handing out Purple Hearts reckoned he should have them. These Veteran people didn't protest then. So why should they say anything now?! One of them said "I was there, I know!" THEN WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU SAY ANYTHING IN THE 70S? You've had 30 years!

Okay, now I'm going to make Republicans everywhere hit the X in the corner now, or hit the back button. Right now, with just two words.


Wow! Look at that! You bark, they jump!

People, gay marriage shouldn't be that big a deal. Particularly when there is nobody dying over it. These people are happy together. If you saw a heterosexual couple like many of these people on the TV whenever Bush makes another speech about the "sanctity of marriage" (more on that in a minute), you'd think "awww...cute." But when some people see gay men or women doing the same thing, they go "Ew! Evil! Die!" What?! Just because you say that it's wrong and that they should stop being gay doesn't mean they will. It's not a choice, really. Do you think most homosexual people ENJOY hearing everyone say that they are "wrong"?! I guess if certain churches don't want to perform gay marriages, then that's their problem, but why ban it? Jesus, I'LL marry the gay masses if you all have such a problem with it. I really will. Just so you'll all shut up.

And what is this "sanctity of marriage" crap? If you watch the crime shows on TV, fact or fiction, you'll see that there is no such thing. Divorce, people! From what I can see, these gay people who want to get married could be more successfully married than most heterosexual couples. There's no chance at the moment of a drunken gay marriage at the moment, is there?

Ah, abortion. That most violent of issues. They once did a piece on TV Nation (old show, won't bother explaining now) about these weirdoes they have in America...Operation Rescue? Yeah. They were SHOOTING, yes SHOOTING, doctors who perform abortions (WHICH IS THERE JOB, BY THE WAY) and bombing clinics doing the same.

Ummm...aren't you supposed to be PROTECTING human life?! That's not helping. You've also just killed a ton of pregnant women and their babies who, yeah, they were going to have abortions, but you just killed the people you're trying to "save".

We don't remember our Mum's wombs. Luckily for me, my parents really wanted a kid. But in cases of rape or incest, surely there should be allowances made? The kid will grow up knowing what it's father was. What happened to it's mother. What they were created from.

Does life begin at conception? I don't know. Nobody knows for sure. But until we know, quit judging. It's none of your business.


Either war is obsolete or men are.

-R. Buckminster Fuller


So. Shall I answer the question posed at the beginning?

What did Bush and Kerry talk about?

Their war know, that crap nobody really cares about becase they're in the middle of CSI and don't want to deal with "The TRUTH" according to you idiots at the moment.

Next time, guys, please:

a) shut up about your war records/scars/shrapnel/whatever. It was basically a testosterone war.


b) ELECT A BLACK WOMAN! No swift boat crap! No records! REAL ISSUES! WOW!

We'd all vote for her. You know it!

Maybe Oprah...