I think that when I stumbled
Into this eternal jungle,
Mystifying me with you,
And watching our secret rendezvous,
He judged and I knew about,
When to not scream and shout,
When to do this and that,
Differences, good and bad,
I thought I knew me better,
But you figured me out through letters,
I could not even see through,
And its me, I know that's true,
I know it now, I need to change,
Back to something that's not deranged,
I need to find my soul in your heart,
So I can again have my clean start,
Because that's how You are, I know,
Forgiving again even though I show,
The wrong things to you.
I don't know what to do.
Guilt has swept by with the wind,
Finding my breath it took me in,
And taking me with it, it's hit me at last.
I'm sorry I found out in just a flash.