: : : : : : Existing in Contradiction : : : : : :

I never thought that I'd feel alone
In a room full of people.
I never thought that I could be blind
When I can see into the distance.
Even if you hold my hand
I'll fall off the ledge, leaving you behind.
If you grip my leash tight around my throat
I'll still get lost on the twisting path.

I can't be lead.
I can't be followed.
Do I even exist?

If one must breathe to stay alive,
Why must each breath bring them closer to death?
If sorrow is for the wise and laughter is for fools,
Why are pills given to children who shed too many tears?
If money isn't everything,
Why can't we survive without it?
The world contradicts itself.
Is my life a contradiction?

I can't be lead.
I can't be followed.
How can I exist?