: : : : : : Hide : : : : : :

Fingerprints smudged against glass
Water droplets dried and irremovable
Years of dust that fog up the mirror.
It still isn't enough to hide my reflection
As hard as I try to hide from the truth
The truth can't hide from me
Staring at my own reflection
Is like staring at a stranger
I feel so old and worn
But my face betrays my age
My body is pressed with sexuality
But it never shows how pure it really is
A sexual pull to my imperfections
An unwanted push to my Utopia
I see the perfect path in my mind
But in the mirror it's just overgrown weeds
I know where I want to go
And who I want to be
But if truth lies at every turn
How can I hide from the truth,
If I can't hide from me?