: : : : : : The Love-Maimed Thimble : : : : : :

As a glass thimble upon my fingertip
It stays an ever nuisance
And hardly forgotten

If lost its sorely missed
The glass dropped and shattered
On the trail you walk
Becoming splinters
In your already calloused heels

A bite to your ankles
A scratch to your breast
Puncturing the heart within

Love pampers hate
As a needle spears your skin
Marring or fading
Maiming your memories
With disfigurement and change

If one was never to love
In this life or the next
They'd be the most pure of all
Without the marks on the soul

They'd be despised
For evading the worst consequence
Known to anyone or anything

Would be a myth
A creature only found in the deepest
Cruelest dreams.

And jealousy?
Born from the flames of love
Would eventually kill the pure heart
The non-maimed figurine of the soul

Is the name of God
Who is the enemy now?
Ponder it yourself
As your love-maimed thimble falls