Condition of My Soul

So many compare life to a path
A peaceful path littered with flowered greenery
In my case the map with held an unexpected plummet
Yes I stayed the course followed the dotted lines
Still one foot found solid ground the next met air

And I thought in the second as I felt air
This would be like my past dreams
But there was no lingering flight
Soon I saw this drop was Earthy
Jagged and close

I rolled through this life
Very battered and bruised
Metallics fill my mouth
And I noticed I am but half way down
I look back over my trip
And it was no walk down a path
It's been a fall

Oh yea oh yea oh yea I am half way down
What starts must finish this I know
Half way and I am still in question
Will I welcome that roaring sea that I cannot master below?
I don't know
I do know I am...I am still...I am still here
Meeting the shirring circumstance of flesh, fool, and foul
Does it matter that I compose compassion, culture or cried

I have been so wrong and so right
I believe in the end what matters is the condition of my soul
And so I go on