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Chapter Four:

Keen emerald eyes fluttered sleepily open in the candlelight, she grimaced as her entire body awoke from its long, coma-like sleep. Kayle lay stiffly contained in a small, rather make-shift wooden bed. Staring vacantly at the ceiling above. Foul smelling rugs and furs folded in tightly around her ears and manhandled face.

Smoky sunset yellow wallpaper- badly-hung in places, framed all sides of the room, and radiated a convincing sense of warmth and security.

Wooden oak floor (stubbornly left un-varnished) was scorched black beneath the mounted candles from which fiery wax had plummeted. A large and extremely heavy wooden trunk had been slammed against the far end, a lasting home to the woodworm within. It sported a heavy iron lock, which suggested to Kayle it either held something valuable or dangerous (however it could be empty of its former contents). Above, a bolted window showed the daylight and surrounding trees. Birds chirped and fluttered past every now and then, flashing a shadow against the sun, weaving around invisible barriers. Opposite Kayle, a roaring fireplace crackled and sparked, soaring up from its wooden fuel. It flickered warmth throughout the room, making shadows dance complicated movements across the floor and onto the far wall. On the mantle, a huge sword, heavily used, rested. Kayle was surprised to see that her own also had been placed beside.

Where am I?

She wondered as she hefted the heavy furs higher up her body, sitting up slightly against the pillow.

"Ah. She lives" A deep, toned male voice wafted smokily from the sunken armchair, whose back faced the fire. Kayle froze, the hairs on the back of her neck stiffened. She turned to look at the room's new detail.

Different coloured eyes met hers as she looked at him, and he looked at her. The man was possibly in his early thirties, with white-blond hair that fell past his adams apple, it fluttered lazily around his bold, deep eyes, blue and green, masculine nose, and soft, full mouth. Muscles were heavily outlined against the fitted light shirt, along with faint chain mail shapes and hidden knife sheaths. His long emerald cloak hung from the back of the chair- dangerously close to the fire, yet miraculously, remained un-singed, the silver chain clasp hung limp from the collar. His dark coat peered from beneath. As he sat comfortably, faint creases had appeared in the black trousers, which fell down to his boots-which, Kayle thought, also housed a variety of sharp implements. An empty sword sheath was hooked to a thick belt at his waist (for its usual occupant had taken refuge upon the mantle) the tip rested stiffly on a crossed leg.

Sitting up slightly and resting his firm hands on his knees, the man continued:

"You'll be wanting to know who I am I suppose?"

There was no reply. Kayle relaxed slightly, yet remained wary.

Recognising her brief relaxation, he took it as a yes:

"I am Leo Makarios and-"

Her light female voice shrieked from the bed in weak, limited force:

"Where am I?"

"I was just getting to that" he shot her a pleading look "You are in the house of Detriaris Metalon and his wife. I-er- met him at the pub" He paused awkwardly at the mention of The Copper Pot pub "Now, do you remember anything?"

Kayle scowled "Every single bleeding detail of how I slipped up and paid for it. Do you really think I took so many blows to the head that I would forget? Explain to me why I am locked in the same room with a man I have never seen in my life!" she paused and gasped "And where exactly are my clothes?! I'm naked here!" Pouting, she glared as she hastily covered her body with all the furs that covered her feet so as to thicken the layers between her and the open air.

Leo laughed "Now really, that was Edith- I was out of the room. Is there really any need to shout so? I'm only over here."


"Yes indeed. Detriaris's wife"

"Right. Fine. I am locked in the same room with a lunatic". Kayle replied, toning down the volume of her voice.

"Got it in one" He looked away, fumbling with his sword belt. Kayle, however, maintained her watch, taking in each minute detail from his hair to his boots. She stared transfixed as light played across his face, making his green eye glow abnormally. He turned back and their eyes met. Blood rushed to her head, mentally cursing herself she gathered herself, before glancing back.

"You have a name?" he questioned, eyes glued to hers.

"Kayle Bowren"


She raised an eyebrow.

Leo cocked his head "No, really!"

Not knowing how to take the compliment, she lay back, still grasping the furs just in case she let one slip.

"Kayle?" Leo asked.


"I apologise, but I need to leave for a bit, few days at most. Will you be alright here with Detriaris and Edith?"


"I am coming back" he winked slightly.

She sighed "Fine, that's one less madman to contend with"

He grinned wolfishly: "I'll be off then. Detriaris?"

Kayle tried to remember why his smile reminded her of something. She wasn't quite sure whether it was a good something, or bad. Shutting her eyes, she furiously sorted through her mind. Nothing. It was strange. Kayle hated being so utterly helpless. She shrugged and opened her eyes.

The door slammed open as a short gnome stumbled in enthusiastically, his beard billowing against his chest.

"Ah, Leo, you'll be going?" the gnome asked as he stood stationary beside the fire.

Leo arose from his seat, retrieving his coat and cloak, before resting a hand on the larger sword on the mantle, and sheathing it at his belt.

Striding to the far end, he exited the room and paused at the door. Putting on the two outer-garments, he looked back,

"Indeed, friend"

He raised his hand to his head in a mock-salute.


He bowed a little too enthusiastically, sweeping back his cloak and swirling his arms gracefully in front of his nose, grinning madly all-the-while, he finished and walked away making no sound on the wooden floor.

"Bloody Lunatic" Detriaris remarked, scratching his head.

"I gathered that" Kayle replied as she readied herself for the long sleep ahead.

It was dark, long past midnight; the stars zoomed playfully across the winter's sky. The only light came from the ageing, slightly yellowish, full moon. The only sound that interrupted the quite serenity came from the open window attached to a secluded city-bordering hut.

Kayle writhed in her bed, throwing the covers this way and that, she awoke, damp in a pool of cold sweat, squeaking in angst and desperation. Her breath was loud against the silence as her lungs worked over-time. She sighed loudly; wondering how long she'd slept and lived through her virtual world between dreams and reality. As she sat up, her eyes adjusted to the harsh darkness of her room as moonlight poured, liquid-like through the window left ajar. The sight that met her eyes was not the type one would normally expect,

That same snowy wolf sat regally on the armchair, watching calmly as the fire burned down to a pile of glowing cinders. A musky wood scent wafted heavily from him, which, added to the light fire smoke, made the room seem surreal. Raising his snout, he took a deep sniff and pricked up his ears slightly. Immediately, he jumped from the raised armchair and padded to just before the bed. Sitting on his haunches, he watched, silent, as Kayle came to her senses.

"You." Kayle muttered.

The wolf didn't move, just watched through calm eyes at the girl. Kayle glanced out of the window and set her eyes on what she'd been hoping for. Being a werewolf did have a few advantages, however useless they would normally appear.

She grinned at the wolf,

"One move."

The wolf looked at her as if he'd understood, and arose. He casually lifted a forepaw; eyes fixed on Kayle's

"You remember what happened last time, buddy-boy?"

The wolf lifted his paw to his face, tilted his head, and casually pawed his snout and preening his fur. He licked each flank, throwing his head left and right, combing through, before nipping dog-like at his under-belly. He finished, and took a step forward, resting his magnificent head on the end of the bed.

The covers flew back, a quick movement, and then a long, low growl from the pit of Kayle's stomach. Baring her new canine teeth, female wolf stood, back curved upwards and tail fiercely erect. The fur on her back bristled as yet another growl erupted from her as eyes flashed a warning at the male.

-You stay there. Female said.

-So, you finally decided to join in. The white replied, baring his teeth playfully as he lifted both forepaws onto the bed and leapt up with surprising ease.

-What is wrong with you? Why the following, wolf? Kayle replied, eagerly pawing the furs on her bed.

-Such insolent questions. I merely came for a visit is all.

White lay down casually, pure white paws hanging limp from the bedside, on which he rested a heavy head, keeping his eyes half open.

-Out. Get Out! She barked, edging closer to the white, legs ready to pounce if need be.

-I wait for you to sleep, and this is the thanks I get? Now that's nice.

He paused, eyeing Kayle thoughtfully before continuing:

-And stay there missy, I don't want no funny business, you hear? -

He was cut short as the bedroom door swung open:

"Gee Gad!" it closed abruptly as Edith Metalon exited clutching a silver fork, which hung around her neck. Hurried footsteps faded down the corridor.

Moments later, it opened again, Detriaris appeared; waving a broom and throwing an assortment of silverware at White.

"Out! Out I say!"

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