My First Kiss

Blood boiling

Anger the only thing there

Pounding fists

Pulling every which way

Damn you damn it all

Screw you and fuck that

I hate you're fucking guts

You Jackass

Don't touch me

You repulse my soul

Get the hell off me

You corny joke

Blood spilling, mine

Biting. Slapping, and pounding

Poking, prodding, peeling

I want to get sick

Lose my breakfast

With your mouth on mine

Damn your tongue for invading

I should bite it off right now

But I don't, lucky

Scratching, and pushing

I'm getting a headache

It's all your fault

Fix it now!

Fix what you've done

Stop being so stupid

So fucking idiotic

Take care of me now

Make it all better

Doubt you can

But you do

Stop being so damn confusing

It hurts to think

Why have you done this to me

Is it revenge

Sweet, mean, cold revenge

If not why

Why did you kiss me

With all these beautiful candles

Music pumping in the background

But all I hear is your heart

Stop it, stop it now!

Stop confusing me, damn it

Let me go, I hate you

Don't torture me anymore

Open my eyes

To what I should see

Finally one big push and I'm free

Opened eyes, thinking straight

No more confusion

Just logic

Screw logic I think

As I push my lips back at yours

For my very second kiss