Now I tell you in truth she wishes to know. When time is almost at it end.
So let me tell her in truth. From the first time I watched her. And knew
she would be the one that would handle this strange Cajun love. I see her
body; I took my eyes all over her. Starting with the softness of her eyes,
the smooth kisses upon her nose. Her lips begging to be kissed, But not
just any kiss, that kiss that true lover, in love gives. Her breasts that
gently ask to be touched. A touch that only come from the passion of the
heart. That ass looking back to when real love, real compassion respected
it. Not some fool just noting it. I see each and every part of her body
crying out to be loved. She calls me and asks can I come by. I thought why?
But than the passion in my heart knew that it was time. So I say I'll be
there soon. I knock on the door or ring the bell never the less she
answers. Oh my God there she was stands there this lady, this woman. She
said, come in. We sit down. What is to be said? I ask may I, She playfuling
said what, than after looking in my eyes she knew that the time has come.
For her to learn the mystery behind this Cajun man. I said, may I kiss you.
She said, yes, Slowly I reach for her cheek, my lip slowly press up against
her, Not hard but soft, with just a little tongue sliding from one side to
the other. Maybe about seven times. She signs as if she was exhaling. She
than slowly remove her lips from mine. She said, Lousa is this the moment
we both been writing about. I smile that shy Cajun smile and said, do you
wish it to be I could see in her eyes that she was not sure. But still she
wanted it to be the moment. She than said, Lousa you are a mystery to me,
will the love we make tonight be the same, a mystery and a secret, I reply,
yes, it must always be, or I lose the magic from which it come from. She
understood. There were no more questions. She than took me by the hands to
led me to her room. She than went to turn on the light, but I said no, no
lights. She knew it was time for her to give up the body to the love her
body was waiting for. A love she never knew about, but was about to learn.
And would she be like the woman that doesn't want another woman to learn.
When we got into the room, yes even the room knew it was time. Final we
stood face to face in the dark. Yes even I was a little scare. But that
only is being human. She said, Lousa I'm ready. First came off was the
blouse; Now I can see just how beautiful her chest was, than came off was
the bra. Her small but perky breasts stood before me. I sit down on her bed
and pull her closer to me. With my tongue I gently caress her nipples until
they harden. The fingertips of my hand softly caress her side up and down.
Now sliding my tongue down to her belly. Treating her like the virgin she
was. My hands now was undoing her pants sliding them down her leg, She lift
up her leg to help me get them off. Than the other one. I than begin to
kiss her inner thighs. Slow circle kisses. Yes you know with just a little
tongue. I fell her body starting to shake. Before she knew it she was nude
before me. But I still had my clothes on. I ask her to lay down in the bed,
like a goddess she walked around to the other side of the bed and laid
down. I than came up between her legs. I can see her getting wet. I was
kissing my way up her right leg, than her right thigh; I was now at the
spot of her open hole. Her secret garden, her treasure. I will now know her
soul and she will know one of the mysteries of me. I touch the lips
between her legs with just the slow little lick from my tongue. I than
found my way around her moist pussy. Slowly without stopping I lick
everywhere. Taking the tongue in and out, up and down, and around and
around. Until her body shook uncontrollably. Her hand was touching the
baldness of my head. My hand ups and downs her young loved legs. Still with
the tongue do what it knows best? In my mind I was sorry that we both took
so much time to get to this point. But now I must make the best of it
before my trip come up. My thought was broken when she scream with
emotions, sometime she'll said faster, but no, that for people or men who
don't care. But to please her more I started to do trick with my tongue and
my mouth and her wet ass pussy. She than said, pleases stop I can't take
any more. (Please) for a moment I did. But long enough to say. (Baby love)
I must take you beyond your limit, and in truth you're not there yet. (Not
yet) may I continue, with a sharp breath she said o.k. Now back to work,
back to work mean giving her body the magic it has been missing. An hour
and a half has passed. And she was tried. I than lay on the side of her.
Waiting for her words whatever they might be. When she regain her senses
she said, Lousa why do you still have on your clothes, I said, it's was not
my night but your. She said, Lousa take off your clothe my heart can't let
me get mine and you not get your. Slowly I took them off in the same
darkness. I than kneel on her bed. She could see just little of my man
hood; it was not fully hard yet, not until it enter her. She said now come
here you fool, and give me all that's owed me. The magic of those words let
me know that she was learning. It's funny how love must start over. But in
a diff form. When souls final touch. I lay gently down upon her, but enough
so that she can put my dick in her little hands. And she does. Taking her
hands and stroking it sometime fast. I said, slow down learn baby love
please learn. She did? Now she can feel it throbbing in her hand. And she
was now stroking it as if it was a pet that she loved. It throbs longer and
harder. She was pleased. I was now sucking on her ear. She than place it
inside her. Slowly I moved with just the head of it moving in and out of
her, wet and moist pussy. And with the strangest kisses. Yes this is what
her body wanted, and her spirit needed. Now all the way in it was there.
She moans with just a little pleasure and pain. She now opens up her legs
putting them high in the air. Taking the pleasure of it all. Her body
started to come alive again. Than I let her get on top. She was now in
control; she took it in her hand in placing it inside her again. She than
started to moved really slowly. Yes she was learning well. I watched as she
started caressing her own tits. My dick throb hard inside her by just
watches this virgin come alive. She moans as my dick hit a bone. She just
moved another way so that all may enter her garden. From side to side and
from up and down she moved until she came again. She than laid down on me,
but it was not over, I than place my right leg between her two legs and
started moving again, she sign, and said, how long before you come. But no
words came from me, she said, dam you're good, just like you said. At this
moment all I know is pleasure. Minutes later I got up. And turn her on her
belly, moving one of her legs and an L shape. And place my dick inside her
again until I reach her soul again. My dick was deep inside her stroking
the tender gently moist wet skin inside her pussy, for about an hour or so
our souls touched. And our mystery was born. She was loving the strokes
that my dick was giving her. She didn't want it to stop. Through the hours
we kept changing position. Until the moment came for me to let go that
entire hot nut on her. I than lay behind her, and whisper softly in her
ear, (thank you, for being a woman.) and kissed her neck and fell asleep.
By Ron.C.