Painful Nothing

Why is it, in times like this
The words won't see to come?
So many emotions are jumbled inside me
They're dying to come out
But they stay buried inside
I just want to scream
Tell everyone you hurt me
God, you hurt me so
The painful nothing
Resting inside of me
Reminds me of your lies
An empty hole is all you've left me
It feels so much larger than those before
Maybe it has something to do
With the way you kissed me?
It pained me so badly
When you walked away today
Things between us feel so different
A mighty tension fills the air
I've lost you once
Can't we still be friends?
You meant so much to me
You still do
Why did you hurt me so?
Those feelings were amazing
Now they're equally painful
You held me like you loved me
You told me that you cared
You kissed me like-well, I won't go there
Now it's all gone
The good replaced with the bad
The bad is now replaced
With this painful nothing
That fills me up