Make a wish

and wish really hard

wish we will never say goodybye

wish that we could have the chance to say hello

wish that we could say it every day

wish we could say it forever

wish that we won't ever cry from part

wish that it will always be this way

Wish, wish, wish

I thank you all. For those who read this. Anyway. Give me a good review, give me a bad one, give me none, I don't care. Just hope you get something out of this. Because this is how I. Feel. Yup. I. Might. Leave. My. Home. Of. 13/14. Years. Forever. And. Most. Of. My. Friends. Too. Because. We're. Eighth. Graders. Oh. How. I. Wish. To. Live. In. A. World. Of. Happiness. Forever.

LOL-sorry. Anyway, I thank y'all.