At This Ungodly Hour

Drowning in my own river of red tears

Asleep upon this blood stained pillow case of surpressed fears

Struggling till the depths of forever

Against your endeavor, to break me

Praying against my will, forced by my desperation

To this god that seems to have forgotten me, so many years before

Lightning flashes before my closed eyes

As thunder shakes the skys

I fight a looseing battle, as everything I wish to forget

Strikes me, supposedly safe in my bed

Night after night I wake screaming, but they dont come to save me anymore

They've grown immune to the noise, and lay softly sleeping

Dreaming of snow covered pines, candy canes

And holy vines, as we near the birth of the divine

The alarm clock screams at five thirty

I get up quikly, and turn it off, for the houses sake

And at this ungodly hour, Im the only one I know

Truely glad to be awake