"Father! Take this cup of suffering away from me…yet not my will but yours'" – Mark 14:36

"Pray," I tell them, "Keep watch."

I do not tell them that I want to be alone

That I do not want to be with them, or rather,

That they should not be with me.

My shadow, His shadow…what is the difference?

It is still safe, a place for me to hide…

God I am, God I will still be,

Whether I take this chalice or not.

The shadows that I see seem eager to help

They fall upon my lips like a sponge filled with drink,

The shadow of the chalice looms beyond naked eyes,

Pregnant with my love for a world that cares not.

The shadows that I see hide my tears, hide my pain,

I could stay here – my Eden, my paradise,

I want them to cut through half my agony,

And then I do not.

It is time.

When I rise to call them,

They are asleep.