Chapter 1: A glimpse of paradise

The strangest story I have ever wrote. I got this Idea through at least 10 dreams or something like that. Around 10 of them!

- -

I continued to walk with the tour through the Unknown Isles. It was beginning to get boring because now, the only thing I could concentrate on was the fact that it was raining two inches in front of my face! "Why is the Island called the Unknown Isles if we know about it? And why does it rain 2 inches in front of my face?"

Everyone behind me was starting to laugh. I couldn't understand why; they all must think I'm paranoid or something. "It's odd because quite a few people have said that. BWAHAHA", the tour guide giggled to himself.

I could just about make out the outline of a castle in the rain. We were quite close to the sea and it seemed like the tide was coming in. I stared at the castle. It was one of those types of castles which you thought came out of a fairy tale. It was black, and I mean black. My eyes squinted as I put my hand over my forehead to block out the burningly bright sun!

I couldn't stay where I was in order to see it, I decided to get a closer look. "Don't disturb the wildlife over there. You could squash the squirrels and the rabbits. Watch out for the flora and fungi. Watch out for that as well!" I looked back at him thinking he was crazy. There was a small gap of sand where the sea hadn't flooded it away. I walked over it (DUH. To get to the castle thing.)

Then that was when I started to think that I'd made a big mistake and that I was going a little crazy. There was a storm! And I was supposed to be on the edge of it. It was dark. With the addition that on the castles clock tower, which was now crystal clear, that it said 9:00 am. It looked a little like the Big Ben.

I'd walked at least two steps when there was a flash behind my back. There was a huge electrical surge through my arm. "AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!" I knelt down to the floor in agony! There were no voices, just a huge gust of wind that pushed me backwards. I felt something sharp in my back. I turned around and saw an endless blackness. The edge of whatever was prodding me was slitting my back.

I took out my torch and shone it into the endless darkness. No light. The light seemed to cancel itself out every time I turned it on. Then, my torch combusted! It wouldn't work! I looked down at the, now, grey coloured sand! I looked back at the castle and realised that there were outlines swimming in the unusually coloured grey sea.

"Where the hell am I?" I thought to myself? There were other questions I had too. I didn't know what my name was anymore. It must have disappeared when I got prodded in the back by the, seemingly, black endless darkness. I drew up the remaining ounces of my courage and put my finger into the endless blackness. SLASH! "OOOOWWWW!"

I now had 9½ fingers! I clutched my new half finger in pain! There was blood dripping over my hand. Which also looked grey. The blood was the only thing here that seemed to have colour. This castle was whacked! 'What's the blackness? Where the hell am I?' My memory from where I was seemed to have gone too.

I slowly managed to get to the castle. I looked around myself and noticed the outlines of humans swimming in the grey water. I wondered why anyone would want to swim in the sea when it's so dirty. I yet again stared at the colourless castle. This must be what it's like for a dog when he looks at anything.

The storm got worse. "Oh, what a typical horror thing for a horror story! This is little cliché!" I shouted out. BOOM! The thunder roared and lightning struck! I looked in astonishment at what I saw through the blackness. A glimpse of paradise! The sea was blue, the sky was clear and there was no pollution to be seen and no rubbish dumped it was just plain beautiful! I could see 3 killer whales leaping in time with each other. It was after I blinked that I could see the eternal blackness.

That's it! All I have to do to get out of here! I just have to run through the eternal blackness! Excited, I rushed for the blackness! " I'M GETTING OUTTA HERE! YEES!" Then all I could think about was pain! I was getting stlitted! Everywhere! I screamed as every time I was slit, a slit of my memory disappeared! By the time I was Out of the seemingly eternal blackness the pain was gone!

I closed my eyes and opened them to find that I was staring into the world, as we know it, dead. The water had dried up and the storms were growing rapidly worse. Every nanosecond lightning hit the ground and the darkness grew slightly more. The world was shadowed in darkness. I could see the tourists' dead. Lying on the floor. Not moving. He only features on them were their skeletons.

"NO! This is a bad dream! This cannot be happening to me! No, no! I don't know where I am, who I am because of the blackness and I can't even remember my 13th birthday!" I swore aloud but I thought I thought that was a bad Idea soon after. The lightning formed a straight line and headed towards me! Along with everything dead! "Holy CRAP!" I turned around and ran as fast as I could for the blackness. Then it was so bright that I felt blind for two seconds. I re-woke outside the eternal blackness.

What the hell just happened? "This place is in denial! What the hell is happening?" I almost swore aloud but held back at the fear of being hit by lightning again, or chased by the undead? At least that's what I thought they were.

I headed for the castle. The storm got worse every time I moved closer towards the castle. There was a chest in front of me. I wasn't into the Idea of opening it. I walked past it. It was then I had a sudden urge to open the chest. It looked as if It was made out of wood. But it was so dark it was hard to make out! And there was a clear, white skull on the front.

Like the Jolly Roger, I thought. I tried to stop the urge to open the chest but it was like the chest was forcing me to open it! Then I opened it. Another colourless light shone out of the chest. I saw a bracelet. "Hmmm" It had another skull that was identical to the skull on the chest.

I touched it and another line of lightning headed towards me. "I have got to stop doing that!" I screamed. The bracelet moved slowly towards the lightning line and then. Another white light! I looked at the blackness. It was now a reflection of the castle. Except now it was complete rubble. I could see myself there. Only drenched in blood and terrible burns.

"Okay whoever you are" I said myself "You are gonna get outta here so don't panic!" I noticed something else that seemed to head towards me. A stampede of undead deer! They looked lovely when alive but dead the looked horrifying and bigger than they actually were. I knelt down and hoped for the best. I closed my eyes. The noise got louder!


I opened my eyes when the sound was gone. The bracelet that I found in the treasure chest was on my arm. Grotty and cracked! It looked like it hadn't seen water for a decade!

"They who don't live up to themselves will see themselves burn!" The skulls mouth had just moved? I pictured the reflection. Is that what would happen to me if I didn't live up to myself.

I didn't understand. And how do I live up to myself. I knew that I was a coward. Maybe I had to get over my fear of everything. "What do you want me to do?" A reflection was shown in the blackness. It was the same thing again. The paradise picture from earlier!

"Is that what you want me to do?" A white light was all I could see. I was standing on air. I could see the castle, the sea, and best of all the sky. It was bright happy and lively. There was natural light and the sun instead of the storm and lightning! The sea was blue and the castle was it's reddish-brown colour.

But before I could feel its warmth I was back, at the colourless environment. I thought that must have been what it was like a century ago.

I ran for the castle and knocked on the door. It opened.

- -

There it is! The end of chapter 1. I hoped you like it. R&R please. Bye!