Ok. Um. Wow.

There were so many people that just reviewed! Not all of them (actually hardly any of them) were nice, but who cares?!

Sorry to Cthulu. I really believed you were female. Nothing about the tone of writing (JOHN) but because I thought you had said that once. SORRY!

Anyway, responses!

John Stein: Aaah, you DID find me!
Ok. I have to apologise for some things here.
I was a bit rude. I do actually feel guilty over that. Some of the stuff I said was playground. And thanks for the sort-of compliment at the end of your review. I'm not that radical normally. And I really shouldn't have been so proud about my economy. HOWEVER.

"Yes, our economy has been in the crapper, but we can thank Billie boy, not Georgie." HAH! NO! Bill left it in a great state. It was one of the best economys in the history."Speaking from the White House, Clinton detailed a report being sent to the White House from the Office of Management and Budget that shows a final surplus of $123 billion for the 1999 fiscal year, which ended September 30. The administration had previously estimated the surplus would be $115 billion"- CNN, October 2004, 1999.

Also, a statement from Cheney, and facts from the DNC:

"Reagan proved deficits don't matter...We won the midterms. This more tax cuts is our due." Vice President Dick Cheney, Suskind, The Price of Loyalty

FACT: Budget Deficit Is Growing:

Bush Turned $5.6 Surplus Into $5.2 Trillion Deficit: Bush inherited a projected $5.6 trillion ten-year surplus. That $5.6 trillion surplus is now a $5.2 trillion ten-year deficit - a fiscal decline of $10.8 trillion in just three years. Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, 1/28/04; , 1/29/04

So, don't you tell me about "Clinton deficits". There never were any.

So where did this go? Hmmm...that war in Iraq maybe?

Just to outline at this point my stance on this to you: It was stupid to go into Iraq. You know what we're finding out now? They have a lot of hills. And they're pretty clever. It's impossible to stomp out terrorism. It's a state of mind as well, with equipment added to it. Resulting in people having the crap blown out of them.

"But I also made it clear to (Vladimir Putin) that it's important to think beyond the old days of when we had the concept that if we blew each other up, the world would be safe." -George W. Bush, May 1, 2001

Yes George. That's what everyone else thinks!

But the Afghanistan war, yeah that hasn't been going well, but I think I can see where he was going with it. I wasn't happy, but yeah. I understand. But Iraq? Where's the logic? "So we're going to get Bin Laden...who's in Afghanistan...so we'll invade IRAQ!" Huh?! Did I miss something?!

Yeah. Anyway.

"Considering how racist and xenophobic you are, I would have thought you'd hate that."
"Against whom exactly am I racist? Xenophobic? I wasn't aware that I feared Europe. Good that you were, though."

Hmm. Ok. You're right. I'm sorry. Wrong words.

"I don't follow spanish elections because spain isnt my country, my opinion doesnt count in their elections, so I'm not going to fret over their political affairs."

Hmmm. Maybe we're just different on this now. But I care because, as I've said before, things that go wrong in one country can come to involve the rest of us! Can you say...Germany? But I guess that's just me.

"Maybe not, but he was helping those oppressed Iraqis to get on their feet. If we didnt do anything, you guys would be out protesting that Bush does nothing to help people who need it, and when we do something, you guys protest the action. You're never happy."

OOOOk. But he justified it wrong. If he'd used the words "Humanitarian situation" I might have liked him. But he said "Terrorist" and "WMDs". Uhhhh. No.

"I'm starting to see why you like him so much. You two are so similar."
You wrote a whole post directed at me. Surely you can do better?"

True. Apologies.

Hey, John? "Oh, you mean the weapons that both Bush and Kerry said existed, and the same weapons that both based their declaration for war on? Surely, Bush is more wrong than Kerry in that instance (he's a Republican.
Finally, Cthulhu, stop being so touchy and defensive everytime someone opens their mouth (or, just so you don't get fired up about me being sexist) - his/her mouth."

Please John. Shut up. Just because our guy is stupid too doesn't mean Bushie has an excuse.

"Frankly, Mercury, I dont care what they say. They live on another continent, in another country, and I could care less if people I don't know (or ever will) think there's something wrong with the ninety-six percent of the counties in the US that voted Republican. "

But it was only 52 of the people. It was extremely close in so many states. Invalid point. Next.

"Dems I know switched sides when they saw bin Laden quoting Mike Moore"

I quite like Mike. But I understand why there is quite a lot of people who don't like him. He is radical. But see tofujunky's comments on that.

(Wow. Let's do someone else now)

Calvin Fitzgerald: "We write essays because we are truely fearful for our sorry selves getting our asses blown off."
George Bush and the United States will not be the ones 'blowing your asses off'. Take a look at Spain, was it United States fanatacists that attacked the trains? Did American fanatacists kill Van Gogh? Why is it that you 'fear' us when we do nothing but protect you and your interests? Jealousy and hatred of the nation on top would be my guess. Nobody likes the top dog."

Noooo. We just don't like top dogs who have nuclear weapons/troops/guns/tanks/more-stuff-than-we-do and seem to like playing with them. (RIP Van Gogh, he rocks) And MY INTERESTS? It's not one of my hobbies to blow up people who've not particularly done anything to me or my friends. So not my interests. Or any of Spain or Britain it seems.

"For a place that you care about you sure don't know a lot about it? New Strapshire? Hilarious and I'm sure that nobody in America missed out on the Spanish elections, when the Spanish people turned their backs on their ally in the War on Terror."

Nooooo...not their allies. Don't make us look stupid too. We're not playing with you and Iran (who we all now will be next on Ge ' list). Leave the room and stop dragging us in. They said no to blowing civilians up. No to your fantasy "War On Terror". HOW CAN YOU CONDUCT A WAR ON AN ADJECTIVE? It's pretty difficult. Gonna destroy the dictionaries?

Ok. Childish.

Anyway. I would thank you to stop guffawing at that rather weak joke. New Strapshire is a real place. I sure as hell don't care about it. But I think anyone from there would. So lay off.

I'm sure I'm going to be wrong about this, but aren't conservatives Republicans?! Probably not. Anyone define it for me? Thanx.

"Judging from the views of the European press all of you fancy us Americans morons and simpletons, easily swayed by an evil Bush campaign. Which makes it all the funnier that Bush did win, despite the best efforts of the European nations to endorse the American citizenry to vote for Kerry. I hope you got this all out of your system, whether you like it or not 'Georgie' is president for another four years."

We just don't see why you'd want a president that thick. No, really! Why do you want him? You couldn't pay us to have him for prime minister! Anyway, I watched Dead Ringers a few minutes ago, a sketch show, and they took the mick out of Kerry as well. We didn't like Kerry either. It's back to the lesser of two evils arguement.

Thanx for the review. I enjoy discussion.

holocaust pulp: Thanks for the review. You are right. I was very tired and ready to go to bed. I was about to have my internet stop working (don't ask, a weird firewall) and I posted too quickly. I did mean most of it, however. He (John) was showing an incredibly irritating haughty nationalistic side. Next time he does something like that, I'll be more composed and slower. (Kidding. I don't think anyone'll bother listening if I stood on my soap box like this again)

Thanks again.

Radyn: I'm NOT thanking you, . After you just used being European as an excuse to call me the same, most people wouldn't expect it, so I won't suprise.

I AM NOT ELITIST. Middle class white girl? Difficult to be very elitist. But I am not being pompous. I'm taking the mick out of John here, not you. Less sensitivity. Did you see "The Parent Trap"? It was crap and wrong. I know about two people like the Europeans there, out of about 150. Wrong. You seem to be using that as your inspiration for the review.

Anyway, apart from that first sentance or two, you're probably quite right, from a particular way of looking at things. But you have to admit. Not giving a monkey's about anyone else outside of your own little group IS a little bit sad and self-absorbed.

Voronwe: I hate you so much. You wanna know why? You're an . I don't particularly care about the review you left, because it was . This is why. When I checked you out, this is what I got:

"Now, you might be saying, "Voronwe, every year, more and more women consider running for president." I must admit, it is kind of cute that they think they can run, or even win, but the fact that they're only considering, not actually running, only strengthens my claim that women lack the metaphorical balls to challenge the men.

Just to get this out of the way, if any of you plan to use the "Women give birth to you" argument against my laser-targeted essay, let me say this – just because you can shoot a baby out of your womb doesn't make you any better than us. Hell, we fertilize those eggs. We have just as much, if not more so, work than you people do.

Well, that's about it. I could go into more reasons, such as the fact that men make more money, or have better jobs, or are in history more than women, but I don't want to feel like I'm being too harsh."

That's not even funny. I only realised it was parody when I looked at the category to see what the this was.

Anyway, now I'll try to be civilized.

Nope. Not working. Sorry, . You just invalidated yourself as a normal person. And as one reviewer said "There's never been a coloured president either" You want to get onto them? Or should I report you now?


Mr Flames: After a few times reading your's through, I got it. Slow, yes. Anyway, yeah, it was kind of random. Thanks for reviewing.

tofujunky: Just to say, before you say anything, you are a great writer, I've read you before. I think it was on fanfiction. Congrats.


After reading some other "John Stein supported" messages, I have to agree that I'm giving the poor guy too much credit. The kind of guy who found the above essay (see Voronwe) funny is a little bit more than weird.

""now you've just proven yourself to be as touchy as him (yes, Cthulhu is a him, but you probably mistook him because of his manner of writing). See, I wasnt insulted by the "freak" comment. However, he might have flown off the handle at that."
I called you a "fool", so you placed an author's block on me, deleted all my unsigned reviews, then flame my stuff. So who are you to criticize anyone for being sensitive, you ?"

LOL! Ha ha ha. I think I'll print the next bit too. Who cares if he tries to get me? If this is true, I'm getting him anyway!

Five Little Known Facts About John Stein:
1. He has multiple FP accounts 2. He praises his own work in his own review board under his other pseudonyms.
3. I have his balls.
4. He loves Jesus and Bush equally.
5. He hates me. With tremendous passion. I don't know why, but I honestly don't give a .

LOL again! Some people are funnier when they're angry, and you are one. "I have his balls"!

"I don't follow spanish elections because spain isnt my country, my opinion doesnt count in their elections, so I'm not going to fret over their political affairs."
You're sixteen! Following your logic, your opinions wouldn't count anywhere in any election, dumbshit."

Yep. Thanx for your support! Ur so right.

"Did you know:
Osama your mama is pro-death penalty.
He is against a woman's right to choose (anti-abortion.
He is against gay marriages.
He endorses religion and "God."
He endorses gun rights.
He supported the invasion of Iraq. He thanked Bush for it.

So should we be against everything he's for and support everything he opposes, you ing retard?"

Ahhh, John, you still reading?

"And the whole "Osama would vote for Kerry" crap came from Bush and his ingenious weasels. They also came up with these brilliant campaign lines: "A vote for Kerry is a vote for Death!," "Kerry will take away your Bible, your Bible!," and "No Kerry, no homos!"

Thank you so much. I now see into his mind.

I think I preferred how I thought of him before. It's less ugly.

Anyway. This turned out to be an interesting idea. John Stein, boy are you dead. If tofujunky could tell me his other pseudonyms. Thanx. Everyone who reviewed, hope you see this.

(An Interested) OM