Be strong.

Your whole life is ahead of you.

You can't let go.

At least not that easily.

So, you have no friends?

You hate your family?

Hate your school?

Hate your life?

Then I have news for you.

We all bleed the same way as you do.

We all hurt.

You may hurt more than some people.

But you don't hurt more than everyone.

Look at everyone's faces.

They flinch

They cringe

They recoil

They do everything you do.

There's someone out there

Maybe in your school

Maybe in your neighborhood

Maybe someone you've never heard of

But there's someone out there

Who hurts more than you do.

Someone who wishes they could end their life

Or someone who already has.

So be strong.

Maybe not for yourself

Or those kids who tease you

Or your family

But be strong

For all the people

Who did what you want to do

All the people who gave up

Those who decided death

Was better

Than what they had to go through.

Just be strong

For those who weren't.