A Blackened Sun

I woke one day, to see nothing.

No clouds in the sky, no birds singing.

I woke on hard ground,

Nothing soft.

Few stars in the sky,

No one around.

What happened?

What happened?

Was is something I did?

Was someone punishing me?

Was this all for everyone?

Or to punish those "free"?

I stood up, looking across the fields

of blacked earth.

Boulders lay here and there,

Swollen by an evil girth.

I looked across the land.

Nothing was there.

Only flat in all directions.

All a blackened bland.

To the east, the sun had begun to rise.

A shadowed light went across the landscape.

The very ground beneath my feet froze.

Even freezing the tips of my toes.

I struggled and broke free.

Then I turned to the east again.

There it was, laughing with glee.

For in it's unconnected hand was one thing.

One person.

One person.

Only one person.

She shivered in fear.

Who wouldn't?

She was the one person dear,

and IT was going to take that away.

My fist clenched. Then cried in rage

a different thing in me did.

Rage, nor instinct existed.

Just one emotion had survived.

A new calm came over me,

a sword now in hand.

This wouldn't happen.

If not to her, to me.

I rushed onwards,

ground shaking beneath me.

This wouldn't happen.

If to me, then so be it.

A yell escaped from my lips,

and the black mass laughed.

How could I succeed?

I was too lowly.

Lowly? Only one not powerful enough

to dispose of his foes would resort

to the kidnapping of one so dear.

One that I would die for.

The sword created a blinding light.

My very life before me.

With one mighty swing, it was done.

None were standing.

I fell to the ground, and darkness took me.

She rushed to my side.

I smiled. I had done it.

No war would take the free.

The sky lightened, as my vision darkened.

Contrast? Oh yes.

My heart's final beats were fuller than all the rest.