A Moment of Speculation

by Megan Auffart

You could be dead right now.

Think about it. Think about every close call that's ever happened to you. Think about the time you almost choked on that bite of food, or that time that you walked out in front of that car without even thinking. What about the time you started to get sleepy as you drove and with every passing second, your eyes grew more and more heavy?

You could be dead and not even know it. You could already have been buried.

The Greeks believed that the afterlife was much like the living world, that there was very little difference unless you were beloved of the gods, or hated by them. That meant, unless you were special, famous or infamous, you pretty much kept on with your life, or lack thereof.

The farmers kept on farming, the merchants kept on selling their wares, the prostitutes still invited men into their beds. Nothing major changed, except for the person experiencing it. So how would you know?

In The Sixth Sense, the main character spent the entire movie not knowing he was dead. Whenever people ignored him or acted rudely towards him, it didn't matter because he just chalked it up to their own neurosis. Only in the end did he realize that it wasn't them, it was himself.

We could be dead right now. Would it matter that much, if you were one of the average? If you weren't the beloved and you weren't the sinner, but someone in between? Would you be disappointed or accepting? Would you have wished for something better?

I could be dead right now, but at the moment, I feel that my afterlife is going just fine.

But those people who think their jobs are hell? It makes you wonder just how right they are...