Oh, Those Formative Years!

by Megan Auffart

Bus stop
Kids in back screech
Yell scream bad dream
Backpack pull back
Kids laugh lunch sack
Torn up sandwich
Falls out damaged
Stepped on stepped on
Sit down friendless
Loveless helpless
Squished sandwichless
Free seat empty
Sit look friendly
Helpful maybe
New girl hoping
Friends will pour in
Lend hand
School year
Happy Healthy
Last stop
Sit down
Seat is empty
Friend beside me
On smiling face
Not sad
Not sad
Not sad
Not sad
"It's nice to see
Some brand new faces"
Take your places
Empty table
Just one girl there
Playing with hair
No one else
Would dare play with her
Welcome back
Kids welcome back
Sit self-fighting
Hold back tears
Just another
Twelve more years