The gun is out,
The knife is drawn,
A naked sword hangs in his hand,
An ominous tune beckons with death.

I'll stand ahead of the world,
Unarmed though I am,
A pledge of strength,
Clenched teeth and balled fist.

A gleam in my eye,
But no ace up my sleeve,
Just this one last choice to make,
This final beckoning of fate.

And I'll guard the egress of Death and Hell,
For even Demons need an angel,
And the gates of Heaven have been barred,
For the masses cannot see and come no more.

This is the final hour,
This is the dying breath,
And now the favor has been asked,
The witching hour come at last.

So set your mind,
And steel your soul,
And now if asked of me,
I'll give it all.