I am a Christian.

I believe in the creed.

I believe in Jesus.

But there is one thing I do not believe in.

Just weeks ago,

I discovered that some Christians firmly believe

That animals do not have souls.

"When they die,

They'll simply cease to exist",

My teacher says lightly,

As though it does not matter.

"And when you are in heaven,

You'll forget all about them."

I object.

Do animals not breathe, like us?

Do animals not feel, like us?

Do animals not love, like us?

Just give me an answer.

I look into my cat's eyes.

I see life.

I see love.

I see a soul.

Are you telling me that such a perfect creature

Is nothing?

The only way I have coped with all my cats deaths

Is the belief that when I die,

I'll see them again

In heaven.

So this is why

The belief that animals do not have souls

Is wrong.

I am sure that God meant for all his other

Wonderful creations

To join him in heaven, like us.

To deny me this one foothold from grief

Is wrong.

Are we not animals too?

Will the blind that reject the other animals

Ever see with truth?

I hope they will.

Because animals DO have souls.