Dictation of Session 1:

Dr. George: Date is July 23rd 2003. Patient is Henry Pullond. Tell me what happened and only once.

Henry Pullond: My mom asked me to get milk at 9:30 at night. I walked to the nearest convenience store and got a half gallon of milk. She was outside standing near her car. I could smell marijuana. I ignored it and went on my way walking home. Half way home she grabbed me from behind, covering my mouth with a rag and then dragged me into her car. I tried kicking, screaming, thrashing; anything to get free. But she was a swimmer, bigger than me, and incredibly strong. I'm just a puny kid. She began kissing me on my mouth. She tasted disgusting; like smoke. I choked on her tongue and saliva. She had my hands pinned over my head and she pressed her hips into mine holding me down. She then took one hand off and hand cuffed me to her car door. She gagged me with the rag and tied my feet together. She got into the front of the car and began driving. (takes deep ragged breath) Do I have to repeat what she did to me, out loud?

Dr. George: If you are not comfortable doing so yet, you don't have to. I would like to try some hypnosis with you. Is that ok?

Henry: Yea.

Dr. George: Lay down on the couch. Make yourself comfortable and close your eyes. Breath in; 1…2…3…4…5…6. Then breath out; 1…2…3…4…5…6…7. Now, I want you to go back to the car with her. I want you to fight back and tell her no sternly…

Henry: (Breathing becomes faster)

Dr. George: Calm. Tell her how you feel.

Henry: What did I do to you? All I did was wave to you in the hallway. What possessed you to do this to me? Why me? You ruined me. You dirtied me. You soiled me. I'll never be the same. YOU TOOK MY DIGINITY!

Dr. George: Calm Henry. I know you're very angry, but calmly.

Henry: I want you to feel what I feel; used. Like a tissue, used and thrown out to be forgotten forever. I want you suffer how I have suffered; every night not able to sleep because you're afraid of your nightmares.

Dr. George: Henry, you don't really wish this upon her?

Henry: Yes. I do. She deserves it. I hope she's ruined in prison. I hope all of the other inmates are cruel to her. I want her to cower in fear. I WANT HER TO BE TORTURED!

Dr. George: Henry, on the count of 5 you'll be back in my office. 1…2…3…4…5.

Henry: She made me like her; evil…