Suicide Note found on doorstep of Pullond home

Dear who ever,

We had our justice. Humans won't agree with us. We'll just end up wasting this life in a prison. I've taken the responsibility of taking a final jump. Henry would not have been able to do it. Henry is terribly sorry. He's sorry for putting his mother through more pain. But she wasn't in pain to begin with. I do not regret our decision. I saved Henry. Henry was in so much pain himself. He would have just become a recluse. He was a young untouched boy. He was exposed to something beyond what any human can handle. Henry would have gone crazy if it weren't for me. Don't mourn this lost little soul. There are plenty of more out there. Celebrate that he is free and happy. Good bye. I'm so sorry we didn't have more time. I would have really enjoyed life with Henry.


Henry Pollund