He stood there watching them as he always had. There seemed to be some peace in just sitting there watching such a world go by though the world he watched was never peaceful. Every since he was little he had been fascinated by the world below him. When he got older though and was able to understand those that lived there better a hatred started to build inside of him. His wings open as he stretched them then they closed around him once more.

Humans, he thought had such simple lives, everything was so easy for them. He couldn't quiet figure out what was so hard about a humans life. All humans had to do was to work, take care of themselves and their familys and be happy that they were even given life.

As he watched them though he saw that was not the cause. For years mankind has waged war on itself. Brothers fighting brothers, women and children dieing and for what? Power? Control? Such things had made mankind evil and currupt. Thousands upon thousands being killed in death camps, more in a large explosion and still after all these years they continue to fight. Did mankind really deserve to live? For years that thought had been on his mind and several others among him. As he continued to watch his attention was caught by someone screaming. He turned to see where the voice came from.

The clouds parted and he saw a young girl being chased into an alleyway by two larger men. Here is was again, an example of the curruptness of humans. Why would they attack their own in such a way? He just couldn't understand it. Lust, evil, hatred, anger. His mother had left these things out when teaching him of life.

The girl once more screamed as the two men advanced on her. What was he to do? If he interferred again he would surely be in trouble once more. The girls sobs brought him out of his thoughts and forced him to make a decision. He closed his eyes and began to glow.

On earth the two men had suddenly stopped, the girl stood there in confusion not knowing what was going on.

Move it

Hearing the voice scared her even more and she frantically looked around for the source. Finally not finding anyone there she look once more to the two men. They couldn't move at all it seemed but their eyes brought her to her feet. She quickly ran past them and far far away.

"Stupid girl," he said in a soft above he watched her run, the two men could now move again but were to afraid of what just happened to do anything about it. He stood there now thinking once more. For to long had he just sat by and watched as this all happened. From behind him someone placed a hand on his shoulder and he turned around to see who it was.

"You know you're going to get yourself in trouble again right Reno?" the boy who stood there grinned. It was an innocent childlike smile from one his age.

"I know Zachery but I just can't help it. They're so incapable of taking care of themselves," he smiled to his friend. They had been friends since forever, their two families are also very close.

"Just let them be, maybe they will kill themselves off. Besides, soon enough they'll be gone," Zachery said as he started walking before Reno could ask him about it. Around them were clouds as white as snow and both seemed to just float above them.

"Has your brother gotten back from earth yet?" Reno whispered this now as they entered a large building. The buildings design was based on ancient roman buildings, the insides were very beautifully decorated. Others around them greeted the two boys as they entered. They nodded to them respecfully then headed up the large steps away from anyone that could hear them. Angels were forbidden to go to earth unless sent on a mission of some kind.

"I haven't heard from him, I'm sure he is fine though," Zahcery smiled as he sat down. For as long as he knew him Reno had never seen Zachery not smile. He always seemed so in control and very confident. Reno nodded and looked up seeing that his parents were running towards him rather quickly. He stood up and went over to them, when he did he saw tears in his mothers eyes.

"Mother? What's wrong? What's happened?" when his mother would not respond he turned to Zachery who merely shook his head. Following behind her though was Zachery's father, his gaze was on Zachery the whole time. His eyes betrayed that he had been crying as well.

"Zachery, Renoko. Please come with me both of you," he said in a low and calm voice which was very strange for him. Usually he was very happy and had several jokes to tell, though none were ever all to good. Both boys followed closely behind him as they all headed down a long corridor. Reno glanced at his mother once and saw that she had stopped crying but now was fixated on the floor. They turned left to the houseing corradors and Reno noticed they were heading to Zachery's house. The door opened and they stepped into a much larger place then the corradors showed it would be.

"Reno, Zachery. Come along now," Zachery's father said and both followed him inside. Once inside Zachery's mother rushed at him and hugged him tightly, tears were freely flowing from her face. Reno continued to follow Zahery's father into his brother's room and there he stopped, frozen in his place. On the bed was Zachery's brother, he seemed to be laying there peacefully, almost in a sleeplike state but Reno knew better then to think that. There was no life force being emmitted from his body, no sound of his heart beating.

"Wha...why...when did..." he had no idea which question to ask first, nothing more to do then just cry. Betrium was like a brother to him almost like Zachery was. He had always looked out for the two of them and now he laid dead infront of him.

"Apparantly he left for earth several days ago. He came back just minutes ago, badly bruised and bleeding. All he could say was "humans, humans...they did it all" I held him as he slowly closed his eyes, as he started his eternal own son Reno...died in my hands. The humans will pay for this," he told him. Reno nodded as the tears continued to fall down his face.

"That they will father," both turned to look at Zachery, even at such a time he still had a smirk on his face,"That they will."

The garden was filled as nightfall came. Almost everyone had come for the meeting. The high officials stood at the head, they all glanced once at the audience. One of them cleared their throat and all were silent.

"Thank you, everyone please have a seat so we can get this started. This incident today has caused great sadness to those who knew the deceased and even to those who didn't. We all are here to discuss, in a calm and civil manner, what to do next. As you all may have heard Betrium claims to have been attac-" the official was cut off as Zachery's father stood up.

"Claims?! He was attacked, how can you not believe him?! He died in my own hands and told me of his murderers! Isn't that enough?!" he shouted and several others could be heard agreeing with him.

"We should strike back now! Show them that we are not to be messed with!"

"Yeah send a attack group after them!" Several others joined in and soon a heated debate was started. The officials looked amongst each other, none knew what to do in these instances.

"Quiet down please quiet down!" an official finally shouted and slammed the long staff he held on the ground several times. Finally everyone quieted down and another official walked forward. As he did though a bright glow seemed to radiate around him, the others knew what this meant. The divine one was know speaking through him.

"So you've finally decided to pay us a visit," Reno was suprised to hear such a thing from Zachery, especially towards his creator.

"The death of Bertrium has certainly saddened me as well but what is it you want in exchange for his life? Is it your wish that another must die just for the sake of revenge? Is your anger really that deep Zachery, I would have thought your parents taught you better," the official spoke though now his voice was project far across the garden easily. Reno watched as Zachery stood up from where he sat and with careless ease he stretched his wings for several seconds then he looked to Reno.

"Our wish is that the humans be destroyed," Reno now stepped into the conversation and as he said this a cry arose among the people and all turned to look at him with surprise, shock and outrage. Zachery smiled, he and Reno had always planned on bringing this up one day when the time was right. It was perfect now.

"Why is it you wish such a thing on a people you have never even met?" the official asked and this time started towards Zachery and Reno. Zachery just stood there grinning as always. His wings folded around him and he stood up straight and tall, almost fearless. Reno stood his ground as well as the official reached them.

"I've seen more then enough from high above to know what kind of people humans are. They kill without senselessly, crime and war run unchecked and their cruelty towards each other would be enough reason to destroy them all. They've done worse through the years and still they have not been punished," Zachery recieted the words that were so firmly set in his head. Reno had heard this speech before, Zachery had told him this several times and Reno truly believed him.

"I see. So then it is your wish they all perish?" the official said then turned to the people,"Then this shall be the rules in which this game is played. One year on earth, you will have to live for one year on the planet which you so hate with the humans and like the humans you so despise. And after that such year if in your heart you still believe that race to be as cruel and wicked as you say, then I shall grant you my power to destroy them all."

The crowd was now in a hush now, no one dared speak. Was this really happening? The future of the world now in the hands of one so young? So naive? Reno exchanged a look with Zachery who looked like he was about to burst from joy.

"I accept then. One year with the humans is nothing, I will show you that they are truly evil," Zachery responded and the official turned around once more to Zachery.

Very noble of you to accept Zachery but I was not extending the offer to you," the official said and even with this shock Zachery keep a grin on his face as the official turned to Reno,"You Renoko, I assign you to the task."

He woke up suddenly and sat up looking at his surroundings. The room he was in was fairly small, it had been used as a excersise room before he moved in. The bed he slept on was actually a matress that had been placed on the ground with a pillow and blanket. The room was bare except for his one bag of clothing and the table on the far end side of the room which had a small television on it.

It had been only a couple of hours since he had arrived on earth. The second he set foot on the planet he knew he didn't like it. The air was filled with entoxicating fumes and the grounds were littered with trash. He had chosen Tokyo city to use as a base for his observation because he had so often watched it from above. The home he was in now belonged to two married couples by the name of Onizawa. He explained to them that he was part of a foreign exchange program and they happily invited him into their home.

He lay there staring at the ceiling wondering how in the world he had ever been assigned to this task. It was Zachery who had thought of the initial idea and had presented it before the creator. So why was it that he know was done here and not Zachery? Why had mankinds fate now rest in his hands? Before he left earth he spoke to Zachery about this. His friend merely said not to worry, that it would be an easy task. He merely had to stay on earth for that expected year and then afterwards make the choice to destroy them all.

Reno glanced at his clock and saw that it was already one in the morning and he had barely gotten any sleep. He would need it too, tommorow he would start school at the local high school. He found the younger humans more interesting and so choose to take the body of one. Though he was young in his race he was now even younger in this body. He felt a bit clumsy without his wings but walking around like that would surely attrack much unwanted attention.

"Easy task huh?" he recieted Zachery's words,"We will see about that."

Reno awoke to the smell of coffee filling the small house. He rose from his bed and walked slowly over to the mirror and stood infront of it for awhile. His hair was shorter now then it had been and once more, looking behind him, he missed his wings.

"Reno breakfast is ready. Come eat then we'll get you to school for your first day," he heard Mrs. Onizawa scream from downstairs. Rumaging through the clothes in the small bag he packed he could find nothing that matched what he saw human teenagers wearing. He sighed and closed his eyes, when he reopened them he had materialized a simple school uniform he had seen human students wear. Deciding he coudn't just materialize clothes everyday he made a note to afterwards go out and buy some new clothes later.

He walked down the stairs and found both the Onizawa's sitting at a table, neither were talking to each other. Each had in their hands a newspaper and a nice hot cup of coffee. Walking into the kitchen Mrs. Onizawa finally looked up and smiled.

"Your food is right there dear, tell me when you finish eating and I'll get you to school," she told him and pointed to the plate of eggs, bacon and toast on the table. He looked at the food and as delicious as it looked he had no need to eat it. Angels did not need food like humans did, they merely need rest if they happen to overexert or injure themselves.

"Actually I'm not that hungry, could be just head to the school?" he asked and Mrs. Onizawa placed down her paper and stood up.

"Well sure no problem but are you sure you don't want just one small bite?" she asked as she placed her cup in the sink and grabbed her car keys. After assuring her that he would be fine both walked outside and into the small van that she owned. The Onizawa's had no large family, it was just the two of them so it seemed strange for them to own one but he said nothing about it.

As they drove to the school Reno looked out the window, ongoing traffic, other students walking to school, business men and women rushing to work, there was just so much going on at once. After several minutes the van pulled into the school's parking lot. Juikasu High was one of several private high schools in the area and to be truthful it was the best. The school consisted of three large buildings, and the parking lot alone was hard to get through.

"Do you need me to walk you in?" Mrs. Onizawa asked as she stuck her head of the window.

"No I've got it from here, thank you for the ride," he told her. She nodded and started the van up and drove away. Reno turned around taking a good long look at the school and then started to walk towards it.