Chapter Seven

Killing this creature of the night was not going to be an easy task Reno thought to himself as he leapt over a bench and landed inside the zoo. Standing very quiet he listened for Elizabeth, her voice had disappeared minutes ago.

"Victor! Leave the human out of this! Fight me!" he shouted his rage half taking over. A low taunting laugh answered him and he heard the metal scrape of bars bending. A loud roar sent him running to the right and towards the tiger's cage. The bars were bent to make an open passage for the tigers to get out of. Great he thought to himself, no only did he have to deal with a very old and dangerous vampire but nice little tigers were loose as well.

"Elizabeth! Can you hear me?" he called out hoping she would reply.

"So you care for this human do you Reno?" Victor's voice taunted him. It seemed to echo all around so he could not pinpoint where he was.

"How in the world are you here Victor? You were sealed up years ago," Reno keep talking to him, he started to walk towards the sound of the answering voice. He was now in the games section of the zoo but no closer to finding the vamp or Elizabeth but a knife thrown in his direction helped. It flew at his head from the left and landed directly in the bull's-eye of the dartboard to his left.

"Come now Reno, can't you find me yet?" Victor laughed as Reno started running as fast as he could to the left. Stopping at the Ferris wheel he finally found Victor sitting perched atop the wheel looking extremely content with himself. In his left hand was his remaining dagger, blood dripped from it, fresh blood.

"Where is she!?" Reno demanded as he ran closer to the wheel. Victor held out his hand to the left and Elizabeth materialized in the air, he grabbed her by her wrist and held her there dangling. Blood covered most of her kimono, there were a few cuts on her but thankfully he didn't see any bite marks. Once bitten, she would have turned instantly because of how powerful Victor was.

"Poor dear she couldn't get past my little security guards," Victor grinned as something rammed into Reno from behind. It knocked the air out of his lungs for several seconds as he rolled to the ground. Looking up he saw a security guard hovering above him, it would have been a normal looking guard except for the bright red eyes and two large incisors ready to bite into his flesh. There were several cuts in the guard's face, almost like he had tried to rip his own face off.

Reno slowly crawled away from the guard careful not to make any sudden movements but then stopped as he felt something behind him. He turned to find two Siberian tigers staring him in the face, their already dangerous teeth were multiplied by a hundred and there eyes were filled with threats of death, his death.

"Ahh!" he shouted as one of them dove down to bite him, he grabbed the tiger by its jaws and held it away from his face. After struggling for several minutes against it he brought his feet underneath it and swept it's legs out from under it causing it to fall to the ground.

Victor gave a chuckle and let go of Elizabeth's arm letting her plummet towards the ground. Reno kicked himself off the ground and leaped into the air. In mid jump large white wings grew from his back and propelled him into the air. He caught her safely but then flinched as Victor appeared behind him and shoved the dagger straight into his left shoulder. Reno let out a cry of pain and landed on the ground. He placed Elizabeth down and turned to pull the dagger out.

"Painful little things aren't they? Do you know how many people I've killed with those? Well more then I can actually remember. Soon you and your little girl shall be added to that ever-growing list," Victor grinned as the dagger shot out of Reno's hand and returned to its master. The security guard and the two tigers now were to his back cutting off his escape and Victor was to his front.

"I'll ask you again Victor, who freed you?" Reno asked as his wings receded into his back. He was curious of course as to who had released this demon but more than anything he was trying to buy time so he could think of a plan.

"Back at that are we, very well I might as well tell you before you die. The demon king Zubaki freed me from my prison that you angels condemned me to years ago, as a kind of thank you he requested that I come and kill everyone on earth. Oh and there was also another who freed me, he bid me not reveal him so I will wait. The look on your face will be well worth it," Victor chuckled as he began to twirl the dagger around in his hand.

As he and Reno continued their conversation Elizabeth started to stir and saw that Reno was standing hovering to her left. She looked around but didn't move, well couldn't move. Her body ached, especially her arms. They felt as thought they'd been stretched out. She noticed a cut on her right arm, blood dripped from the wound.

Trying to remember what had happened the only image that came to her head was of a blood thirsty security guard coming after her. Remembering what that guard looked like brought a scream to her lips which surprised Reno and Victor who both looked over to her. Taking the opportunity Reno reached into his pocket and pulled out a small metal ball. He pressed down the small button on it and tossed it to Victor's feet. Then with great speed he ran over to Elizabeth and picked her up.

"Sorry bout this," she heard him mumbled before they took off running at an inhuman speed.

"After them!" he heard Victor scream to the security guard and tigers, not even acknowledging the little metal ball, bad choice. It made a loud whirling sound then opened in half to reveal a large burst of light exploding from it. Behind him he could hear Victor and his servants scream as the light surrounded the area.

"What is that? Better yet what is he?" Elizabeth asked but Reno decided it better not to answer at the moment. Finally deciding he couldn't run anymore he rushed into a building and shut the door behind him. Looking around he found that they were in a storage closet for the festival. He placed Elizabeth down and slumped into the corner and took in deep breaths. Being human had its disadvantages and this was not the time for them.

' I've got to think of a way out of this mess…' Reno thought to himself but then noticed that Elizabeth was staring at him nonstop, he then saw why. His body was starting to shine in a bright white light. This was how his body restored itself but how was he going to explain this to her.

"Please Reno…tell me what's going on," Elizabeth whispered to him. She was scared out of her mind but this was not a time to be stupid and go off screaming. Whatever Reno was she trusted him more then whatever was out there.

"…fine I'll tell you but you have to swear on your life you won't tell anyone else," he said looking directly into her eyes. She didn't even need to promise him, her eyes held all the trust he ever needed from her. Still she nodded and he sighed, leaning against the cold steel wall and stared at the ground as he talked.

"That thing out there as you may already or not is a vampire," Reno watched as her eyes lit up when he said this," His name is Victor and he was imprisoned long ago for his tremendous lust for blood. We believe him to be somewhere around the first of his kind so he is extremely powerful. Someone, I'm not sure who was all involved yet, released him from his prison where he was supposed to spend all of eternity in. My guess is he's back for revenge on those who imprisoned him. Throughout the years his powers have grown and he can even withstand the fury of the sun."

"….but what is he after me?" Elizabeth asked still in a hushed whisper. Reno was about to answer but something bumped against the door of where they hid. They heard the two tigers start to scratch curiously at the door. She held in a scream but moved closer to Reno and buried her head into his chest in fear. He held her tightly; it just felt so right to do so. After several minutes the sounds disappeared, they guessed that the beasts had gone off to look elsewhere.

"Uh…" Reno let go of Elizabeth who still had a death grip on him. When she noticed this though she let him go, a little blush appeared on her face.

"Sorry," she said shyly as she went back to her spot," So you get a chance to answer me yet, why are they after me?"

"They're not after you, you were just bait to drag me here and I'm sorry you had to be involved. They only needed you to get to me," Reno said and cursed at himself silently for having put her in so much danger.

"So then why are they after you…what makes you so special? I already know you're not human Reno that much is obvious. What are you?"

By now the place where the festival was held was cleared. When Kaze, Jade, Kesa, Gotsu and Asaya came running back to warn the people there had been an attacked everyone cleared out of the area and the teachers who remained called the police. Seconds after the police showed up they found Yui unconscious hidden behind some bushes and Saiki was passed out right beside him.

"Now kids tell me exactly what you saw," a policeman who had a small notebook in his hands questioned Kaze, Gotsu, Jade, Asaya and Kesa. Before any of them could blurt out the fact that they had seen a vampire Kaze answered.

"We all wandered into the park because of the strange mist. There was some crazed lunatic hiding in there and he attacked us. Luckily we managed to escape," Kaze said then gave everyone a look as if to say keep quiet. Two paramedics wheeled a cart towards the ambulance; the white sheet that was used to cover the body had blood on it.

"We found her in the woods," one of them murmured to the policeman then brought the cart into the ambulance. Kesa and Asaya started to go towards the cart but the other paramedic held them back.

"I'm sorry kids, she's gone," he said as he closed the doors and the ambulance drove away.

"Oh god…" Kesa said to herself as she collapsed on the floor.

"You kids had better head home your parents are probably worried sick," the policeman said then looked to his left as another policemen ran over to him.

"Lieutenant Yaki, it looks like the killer escaped into the zoo and may still be in there," officer Yaki reported.

"I see," Yaki turned to the five of them," Can you kids get home safely?"

"Yes sir I can drive them all home," Gotsu said in a worn out voice, this was no time for fun and games.

"Good then get going, you officer bring some men and we'll go search the zoo," Lieutenant Yaki said and the two of them went off.

"Come on guys my cars this way," Gotsu gestured towards the parking lot. They all followed him but Kaze turned around in the direction of the zoo," Kaze let's get out of here man."

"They've got no chance against that thing…" he said then turned around to head towards the car.