Chapter two

Sernada stood in the throne room waiting for the King and Queen to come back and inform her on the Prince's condition. When she had brought him inside the royal healer took one look at him and saw that he was pretty banged up. He had a lot of cuts and bruises.

"My lady Sernada, the royal family would like to see you now." A servant called to her.

Sernada followed the servant down the long corridors of the castle. It was really eerie and creepy. There were paintings of royal family members on either side of the walls. In all of the portraits it seemed that there wasn't anyone smiling. Each read under the paintings the date of birth and if there was one, the date of death.

" What a lively, and charming bunch. Wouldn't you say so?" Sernada joked at the servant. He merely turned around and sneered at her. Sernada gave an awkward smile.

"Well I thought it was funny."

Finally they reached a large door at the end. The servant led her into a large bed chamber where the royal family (The king, and the queen) were hovering over a bed. Sernada's initial thought was that the prince had croaked and that it was all gonna be her fault. The queen would probably have her head for this and her parents would never speak to her again. (A little dramatic eh?)

Well, luckily for her, as she approached the bed, the prince was very much alive. He was laying there with his eyes closed. Thank goodness he was okay, and thank goodness Sernada still had her head!

"Your highness, Lady Sernada has arrived." The humorless servant bellowed out.

All heads turned to Sernada. She was definently in the spotlight, and to make things worse, no one was saying ANYTHING! The just stood there and stared at her. Their eyes pierced through her like knives. She couldn't take anymore, she had to break the silence.

"Is there something on my face? " Of all things, why did she say that!

Still there was silence. All eyes seemed to be even more concentrated on her, Until a chuckle emerged from behind the King and Queen.

" there something on my face...thats a good one." Prince Davin coughed out.

"Davin, you shouldn't strain yourself! Try not to move or speak to much." The queen said to Davin.

"So thats your name eh? Sernada...thats a strange name..." the Prince continued ignoring his mother.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Sernada exclaimed.

"Calm down, I meant nothing by it. All I meant was that it is a very unique name. I have never heard it before." Davin said. He turned to his parents, "Please, may I have a moment..."

"With that girl!" The Queen protested immediately.

"Don't worry I don't bite...I chew." Sernada said with a smirk on her face. Her and her big mouth. The queen's eyes nearly bulged out of her head at this comment. She obviously didn't think it was funny.

"Mother please..." Davin said.

The queen looked at the king for some kind of back-up.

"Dear let him be." He said. Finally the queen surrendered, she was obviously out numbered. They left the room, but before walking out the door the queen gave Sernada an evil look. Sernada made a biting motion at her before the door closed.

"You'll have to excuse my mother, she's a bit overprotective." Davin said while siting up.

"Well she has a right to be, you are indeed the prince and king runner-up." Sernada said. Davin laughed at her.

Sernada laughed too, but she snorted in between giggles. She was so embarrassed. Davin didn't seem to notice her snorting.

"So you still waited around after you dropped me off here. Why was that?" He asked smirking at her.

Sernada didn't even really know herself why. She didn't know what to say.

"I waited around till you were dead." she jumbled out.

"Excuse me?" The prince asked confused.

"Oh I mean to make sure you weren't dead." Sernada could hit herself right now. She totally just made an idiot of herself.

"Oh I see. Well in any case, I'm glad you stayed. For some reason I like you more then the other guests."

"Well...hehe, I do have that effect on people." Sernada said while scratching the back of her head and shrugging. How lame was that! Why couldn't she say something else besides that.

There was an awkward silence now, she had to break it!

"Maybe it's because I don't chase after you like a dog after a cat!" Oh yeah way to go Sernada, lets just imply that the prince is a cat, while you're at it, just ask to sign your death warrant!

He looked at her for a moment. Sernada held her breath after her comment. Then he finally laughed getting what she was saying.

"Yes well, I'm thankful for that. I am also very thankful for your rescue. You carried me up a hill and across a forest, I should say that you are a very talented young lady." Davin said.

Sernada blushed. "Well your highness I'd hope..."

"Come closer..." He interrupted her. Sernada looked around to make sure he was talking to her. Then she approached his bed. The moon light shown in through the window. It hit him radiantly. He was...GORGEOUS! His hair was black, and he had the deepest brown eyes. He had his shirt off and had a bandage rapped around his waist, and arms.

"I want to see your eyes." He whispered as she drew nearer to him. This was getting awkward. Sernada finally stopped at his bedside. He was so incredibly close and he smelled really good. Sernada mentally slapped herself, now was not the time to think about how good he smells!

"Your eyes are a soft green, like grass. I like them, they are very unique... like you..." He leaned closer to her face. It was like he was going to kiss her or something...he kept getting closer and closer to her lips... yep he was going to...kiss her eye? Sernada quickly ducked as the prince tried to lay one on her. Instead of kissing her lips he planted one right on her eyelid.

"Well, that didn't work as planned..." Did she just say that out loud! What a clumsy idiot she was! Prince Davin looked at her with a smirk.

Sernada looked around, now would be the time to make for the door. She was definentley feeling very awkward.

"It was fun saving your life and all, but I really need to get to my carriage, it's time for me to go home." Sernada made for the door.

Davin shot up from the bed, and in one quick motion stood in front of the door.

"Sernada, I don't want you to leave...I want you to stay here with me."

Okay, was it just her or did things just get really creepy. Not to mention Prince Davin just blocked her off from leaving. Yeah this goes on number one of her "Creepy situations" list. She was starting to get really freaked out.

Then it just got worse. Davin started walking slowly toward Sernada. Sernada backed up as he approached her. She backed into a wall. Davin had her against the wall. He was breathing heavily. "Why not just give into me" He whispered as he caressed her hair. He leaned in to kiss her again. All his lips ever touched was the cold wall. Sernada had ducked again and got out from underneath the Prince.

"I really should be going !" She called to the Prince as she slipped out the door. She ran out of the hall way with the Prince screaming her name. She finally made it outside and darted into the first carriage she saw. The carriage started rolling down the road.

"Thank goodness that's over with!" She sighed. Then she looked to her side to see a figure sitting beside her. A skinny nerdy looking gentlemen was on the seat beside her. He was breathing heavily and staring dead at her. He was very ugly, he had acne and glasses.

"You have got to be kidding!" She exclaimed as the carriage rolled down the cobblestone street.