Ch 7

The carriage rolled up to the castle steps. Davin and Sernada had finally arrived at the castle. Their carriage ride was very pleasant. They talked about what they liked and it seems that both of them have a lot in common.

"Well, we're here!" Sernada chimed as she stopped the carriage.

"Do you mind helping me inside? I think I can't make it on my own. It still hurts to put weight on my legs."

"Sure thing."

Sernada and Davin dismounted from the carriage. Davin put on arm around Sernada's shoulder so he was leaning one side of his body on her. The climbed the steps and wen inside. They entered the throne room where Sernada sat Davin in a chair.

"Thanks so much. You really have come through for me, despite me laughing in your face. I still feel horrible about that. Not to mention my unacceptable behavior towards you before."

Sernada smiled at him. "Hey don't worry about it. It's all in the past now. We start fresh, okay?"

"Deal." Davin replied.

It was a wonderful moment. Here they were, just the two of them. No hatred, no secrets, nothing. For once in the short time she had known Davin, things weren't awkward. Usually she would get an awkward feeling when around him, but not this time. This time she was enjoying his company. It was pleasant. She wished the moment would never end. It was just Her and Davin, the way it should be...

"WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!" A voice called from the stairs at the side of the throne room. A really skinny woman came down the stairs. She was as old as Davin and Sernada (19 or 20). Did she mention that she was really skinny?

"What are you doing here? You aren't supposed to arrive until tomorrow!" Davin literally almost fell out of the chair from his surprise at seeing this woman.

The lady stopped when she reached the bottom of the last step. She glared at Sernada before asking, "Who is this commoner? What is she doing here?"

Okay hold on a sec. Did this tooth-pick just call her a commoner? She may not be rich, but she was nothing like a commoner. Who does this brat think she is!

"Flora...this is...uhh...umm..." Davin stuttered. He was still in shock.

Flora? This was his bride to be? Oh boy. Everything she ever thought before was completely blown out the window. The awkward feeling returned like a boomerang! Not to mention she wished the moment was over with already. And the bit about it being pleasant was totally shot down like a goose.

"I'm Duke Borris's daughter. My name is Catalina." Sernada said. Why did she just lie? She was definitely not making things better for herself.

"Uhh...yeah, this is Catalina..I guess" Sernada nudged him in the ribs, telling him to play along. "She's an old friend of mine. She has come to visit me and to see you, my fiance." Davin stuttered out.

Flora gave a skeptical look at Sernada then at Davin. "Well It's nice to meet you Cathylina..."

"It's Catalina my lady." Sernada corrected her. Flora's eyes shot up in anger.

"I knew that!"

"Anyway, where have you been Davin, I arrived early just to be with you. But When I got here all I found was a letter telling me you were visiting an elderly friend."

"Yes well I was and...err... met Catalina on my way home."

"Oh I see. Catalina, would you like to have a late diner with Davin and I? . I'm sure that your journey was long, and you must be hungry." Flora asked.

"I'd love to but..."

"Wonderful, follow me, we'll begin right away." Flora took one more skeptical glance at "Catalina" before turning around and walking towards the dining hall. Sernada looked at Davin. He shrugged and the two of them followed Flora. What mess has she gotten herself in this time?

Flora and Davin sat on the opposite side of Sernada at the long rectangular dining table. Flora was all over Davin like white on rice.

"So Catalina, why hasn't your husband come with you?" Flora asked.

"I am afraid that I am not married my lady." Sernada answered gulping some more wine. If she was gonna live through this then the wine would help ease some of the tension.

Flora gasped exaggeratedly, "Not married?! How could this be. Why everyone should have some one. Isn't that right Davin?"

Davin yawned and scratched his head.


"Uhh...sure thing."

Sernada couldn't help but chuckle a bit.

Sernada was sitting there trying to pry open a lobster that she was eating when Flora was still talking.

"Davin and I are so happy together. When we get married we plan to have at least five or six kids!" Flora announced. Right when Flora said this Sernada was so surprised that she accidently pried the shell open and flicked some lobster meat onto Flora's face.

"What is the meaning of this!" She gasped.

"I'm so sorry, please let me wipe it off for you!" Sernada leaned over the table to wipe it off her face, but she mistakenly spilled Flora's wine glass all over her dress.

"My Hand made silk dress!" Flora cried.

Oh boy, now she's done it. Her clumsiness was catching up with her again.

"Davin my dress! Look what she did to my dress!"

Davin was trying his hardest to act concerned, but he was about to blow up with laughter.

"Go upstairs and change your dress. I'll have the servants clean it tomorrow." Davin said, while trying not to bust out laughing.

Flora gave Sernada an evil look, then ran out of the dining hall. When she was out of earshot, the two of them rolled on the floor with laughter.

"I can't believe you did that!" Davin roared out in between breaths.

"It's not like I meant to . . I'm naturally clumsy!" Both of them finally calmed back down.

"Listen Davin, I need to get out of here! I need to get back home before it gets dark."

"Must you leave! Oh I was having so much fun watching you ruin Flora's good dresses!"

"I know, but I really need to go. Besides you guys have some catching up to do, I don't want to intrude on it. She is your fiance afterall"

Davin stopped laughing and got serious. "I told you, I have no feelings for her! I only have feelings for..."

"Oh Davin . I'm back!" Flora interrupted as she danced back into the room. She looked at Sernada who was standing up and getting herself ready to leave. "Leaving so soon Catalina? That's such a shame!" Flora smiled an evil witch smile at her.

"Yes, I must go to my uncle's home, thats where . I'm staying during my visit. He lives a little ways away. I must leave before it becomes dark. . I'm terribly sorry about your dress."

"Don't worry, Davin and I will go and pick out another one. Right Davin?"

"uhh...sure thing." Flora rolled her eyes at his impertinence, then she returned her gaze to Sernada.

"Well, it was nice to meet you Catalina. I hope you'll come to the wedding."

"I don't think so..." Sernada said under her breath.

"What was that?"

"Oh...I said I hope I can go!" Sernada really was skating on thin ice here. She needed to watch it. "Well see ya around!"

Sernada ran out of the castle as fast as she could. She didn't know how much more of that mad house she could stand! She got in her carriage and high-tailed it home.