© Maria Traxler 2004

Cut Me a Slice of Peace

Cut me a slice of the pie of Peace

A slice of the pie of Piece.

And a slice for all the world,

A slice of peace for all the world,

One for each of the old, the young

Those who've yet to sing and those who've sung

The women, the men, the girls and boys

Who go to work, who play with toys

And those of Dark and those of Light,

Those of Day and those of Night,

The ones of Earth, Fire, Water, and Air,

Those who have hope and those who despair,

Those of no place or everywhere,

The different people or the same

The deaf, and blind, mute and lame

Those who are nobody but who have a name.

A piece of Peace to all the world.

The short people and the tall,

The big, the dull, the bright and small

The everyone, nobody, few, and all,

Those who answer God's great call,

Give them each a slice of the pie of Peace.

To those who are strong and who are frail

Those who have health and the ones who are ailed

All the free or slaves or jailed

Those who succeed and those who fail

Those who follow the less worn trail,

And those in harmony, those in strife

Those who know the secrets of life,

Those in love and those in hate,

Those for whom life may abate

Those the greatest, those the least

Those who begin and those who cease:

Give all the world a piece,

A slice, a piece of the pie of Peace.