© Maria Traxler 2004

Red, White, and Blue

Red for the wars that we fought

and red for the blood that we shed,

Red for our unbased anger,

from propagandas and untruths,

and red for all the dead,

the dying, the wounded,

and the guns and the bombs

and the anger of those towards us

for those that we killed

because we were taught to hate them.

and black people's blood and white people's blood

Muslim blood, Christian blood, Jewish blood,

the blood of those who have no religion,

American blood, Iraqi or Afghani blood,

it's all the same

White for our alleged purity

and it says we're not biased, we're innocent

but none of those images are true,

unbased truths—untruths, more like.

And anyways, our alleged purity

and our unbiasedness are tainted

with blood, with injustice, how are we innocent?

White for the unbased statements, and supposed white lies

and the propagandas, claiming purity and no bias and innocence

when we know it's not true,

but we go on, blindly believing (with blind white eyes),

following unbased anger and unbased teaching

with blind white eyes.

Blue is for the tears that we caused to be shed

and the sorrows we caused

interfering in what was never our business

and what was all another propaganda, another lie.

Blue for the tears for the loved ones—

don't Iraqis have feelings too?

the loved ones who died overseas,

the supposed enemy and ourselves,

and still, it was none of our business.

Blue for the sorrow for the loved ones,

and sorrow that we "needed" to go this far

from right here, and still it was a lie.

Blue now stands for that

which we were never meant to do.

Why should I belong

to a country like this

where people are blind

to what is really happening,

where people are taught to hate

others for their religion or country,

where we are cried out against

for that which we never needed to do?

Look around you!

If this is our flag, let's give it to the world!

It represents us

who represent the world with our power.

Don't follow blindly,

blinded by anger and lies and tears.

Let red stand for true bravery and valor

and for the love of our country

and love of things we've done right!

Let white stand for true purity and innocence

and for the wounds which we have healed,

and the death of evil!

Let blue stand for true justice and perseverance and vigilance,

and vigilance for only what we need to see

and perseverance, and finishing what we need to finish!

When this is our country

I'll be proud

But right now we need to change

And then I'll be proud.

And what I'm saying

is that

maybe we did the right thing

for the wrong reasons

and that's not helping anybody.

We did the right thing, maybe—

some people may not agree—

but if you do something right

for the wrong reasons

you're really not doing the right thing at all.

And when we do what's right,

and when we do these things for the best reasons,

and when we change ourselves and others for the better,

then I'll be proud of us.