© Maria Traxler 2003

When the sun over the horizon breaks

I wake.

But what's better

Is to be

Asleep down in the deep depths of death

Deepest darkness of the soul

I wish myself dead, no control

For me or anyone over me

Down in the dark deeps of death, down

Down in my coffin

Dirt all around

Waiting for Jesus to bring me up

Or the Devil take me down.

Just maybe nothing—just a soul and body

Lying in my grave for eternity

Safe from the light

Deep darkness of the soul

Cold chill of the ground

All around, six feet down

In the deep darkness of death

Down, down in the earth

Six feet down in a hollow piece of wood

Under a piece of rock with my name

Buried six feet down in a wooden box.

When the sun over the horizon wakes

I break.