© Maria Traxler 2004

I reached

for the stars

and I fell broken on the ground

when you shoot

for the moon the stars are within reach

So I reached

for a star

I was not content with the moon

I fell

I wanted more than I could have

I fell from all that I needed

Now I am broken on the ground,

broken on the cold,

on the unforgiving earth,

broken, broken away,

broken away from

the moon and the stars.

Now I am exposed,

broken on the earth

with the light of the sun upon me,

me, broken,

broken from my dreams,

from all I ever wanted,

an empty shell,

a broken shell

with broken dreams,

in the cold light of the winter sun.

and where will my dreams go?

broken dreams, shattered like ice,

ice on a cold winter morning

Do dreams truly die?

or do they fly away

to the land of broken dreams?

or does somebody

sweep up the pieces

and throw them away?


they're put back together,

painstakingly back together

like shattered diamonds,

a diamond now once more,

and hung in the sky

as a star.

But now I am broken,

never again

will the moon,

the stars,

be within reach

for I am broken,

a shadow, destroyed,

broken on the ground

in the light of the sun,

a shattered shell

in cold darkness

my sorrow never gone

for my dreams are now someone else's,

hung in the sky for all to attempt,

to try to achieve.


but not me.

Not this broken shell,

cold darkness,

not I,

who lie broken on the ground.

All can attempt

to achieve my dreams,

hung in the sky

with the starry dreams of others,

and they can all try to achieve my dreams.


but not me.