© Maria Traxler 2004

My Song

My song is the song of laughter and joy,

pain and weeping,

completion and the unwhole.

My song sings of the rivers,

of the mountains and the valleys,

the forests and the deserts,

the earth and sky.

My song rejoices for life

and sorrows for death,

salvation and betrayal,

peace and war.

My song is silent and thunderous,

for the lowly and exalted,

of that which was,

that which is,

and that which will come to be.

My song is great and small,

golden and silver,

written and said and sung.

My song, cast away and embraced,

is the song of all the colors of the rainbow

and more besides.

My song is day and night,

light and darkness,

and time and space.

My song is the song of the world.