© Maria Traxler 2004

The Last

Well, here's the last page in the book

and I haven't finished my story.

The story, I must admit,

wasn't interesting and was filled

with the most boring things.

The last page of the book...I'd better make it interesting

but there's not much chance of that now.

Here's the last bit of sand on the beach

and I haven't looked at all the shells.

I really must say

I didn't do anything

interesting on my walk.

The last yard of sand...well, it's still sand

and there aren't that many shells left to see.

Well, I'm at the last day of school

and I really didn't learn much.

In school, I'll tell you

I really didn't try.

School sucked.

The last day of school...can't learn anything now.

There's no time left to do anything.

The last day in the year

and I haven't even attempted any of my resolutions.

I didn't try—

couldn't I do them next year?

Maybe there'll be no next year.

The last day of the year...well, even if I stayed up till midnight

I couldn't do anything great.

The last day of my life

and I haven't lived well

Didn't try, didn't care, didn't see all the wonders,

didn't work to make my life worthwhile.

Now I know you don't get your money back.

The last day of my life—well, now all I can do

is nothing really—I have wasted my life.