Weaver of dreams, o silver one,

tapestry-maker of silver and black,

guard my dreams tonight.

A veil of pure wrought silver

guards me as I sleep

and chases the evil ones,

the demonbeasts,

back to their land.

Silver I give to you, my protectress

as thanks for guarding me,

silver that you weave as my veil.

O Dreamweaver of Spirit,

be my guide through the shirate,

the world of the spirit.

As I make my journey every night,

you are there beside me.

Though I cannot see for my mortality,

I do not stumble

for you would catch me

and you light my mind,

the twilight of dreams.

Though the demons try to bind me

your silver veil envelops me

and I pass, untouched by evil.

Faded stars hang above me,

stars that soon shall know only darkness,

and though now they guide me,

soon they shall be gone.

But what shall I worry of

when a silver mist protects me?

What shall I fear with Akíná,

my protector, at my side,

with weapons unspeakable?

Immortal through the One

and the power that Areya changed,

you are she who shall protect me,

and you have my trust.

Guide me through night's labyrinths

and show me the way of triumph

over the impure judgment.

Who will guide my dreams if you fall?

Though darkest night besets me,

the silver-eyed is my guardian,

with clear voice and silver bells

to call out her own words,

her weapon is the silver word,

stronger than spear or sword.

And what can defeat the word;

if stronger than slingshot or axe,

shield and arrow, spear or sword?

What can defeat the power of the Twelve?

And together, word with goddess:

a song terrible as the night,

with night's calm;

a song powerful as the night,

with night's beauty;

and who could say that these oppose each other?

Not I, for the Moon,

guiding me, a mortal,

in my footsteps and way long trodden,

is Akíná's light,

and through her

is the Great Goddess's

light and darkness

from before the First Battle!

What is more terrible than war,

yet more calming than the night's whisper?

What is more powerful than thought and word,

yet more beautiful than the Night-Maiden, Akíná?