Hope is

What is hope when your heart breaks?

Hope is the tears and grief that sorrow makes.

The light at the end of the tunnel, hoping

Time and healing, learning coping

Having a friend giving a shoulder to borrow

Hope knows a better day, coming tomorrow

Remembering happy times, forever here

Endless hours of loving, a little angel dear

Hope is holding, kissing and saying goodbye

And the mind numbing question, why? oh! why?

Hope is no more pain and suffering to endure

For happiness and peace, hope is the only cure

And lasts forever in God's eternal love

Endless days of joy, for our angel above

Hope is being together again, in paradise, bliss

Seeing, holding a joy-full little angel miss

Hope is for all who have love and courage

Knowing you are entered in God's page

Will ease the heartache and worrying fears

That your hope and mine will last for years

Hope is free.

For you and me.

Written by

Graham Johnson