Cutting the Grass

A/n: Just one of those days you wanna kill all that EVIL grass….

Oh the sun! How bright it is,
On this day without breeze.
I pull out my lawnmower,
And cut down all the weeds,
As the sun bares down on me.
The dirt and sweat cover my face,
I'm covered from head to toe.
There's no end to this day,
And the wind just won't flow.
Why me? Why do I have to cut,
This horrid grass that does not end!
It won't go away, it won't die
It won't even bend!
Die grass DIE! Go away!
This day is too hot to stand,
I just want to go swimming,Not cut this grass by hand.
Why, grass, WHY do you hinder me?
What have I done to you?
Just die all ready!
Oh great…you just grew…