I'm Sorry

Yes yes I know

you're stressed

Because of travel, work, the election

I know

I'll work harder

In subtle ways

Little hints

shot into the air like arrows

So peircing to my heart

If only you would just yell

I tell myself

"It's because she's stressed.

She can't help it.

It's not because of me."

It's not all my fault!

I try

So hard to impress you

For your praise

I would climb Mt Everest

My mistakes

Are highlighted in your eye.


Maybe just once

But it's twice,

Three times,

Four times,

All the time.

I ask

How was work?

Are you okay?

I try so hard.

It doesn't matter.


trust me like an adult

comfort me like a child

I would do anything

for your praise

But you feel stressed


I'm sorry.