It was a blessed day
When, after years of pining
You took hold of my hand
In the past, our fingers would intertwine
But somehow, we could never hold on to each other
For there was always some obstacle in our path
And we would slip out of the other's reach
My heart would grow heavy
Lamenting my lost desires
Yet I never gave up hope
For I knew, one day, we would hold each other tight

My hopes were not misplaced
Yet I could hardly believe it when it finally happened
In fact, I didn't know how to feel
Now that the future I had dreamed of was here
So you placed your arms around my shoulders
And guided me away from the past
It was at that moment that my heart filled with ecstasy
All those obstacles were gone!
Desires could finally be fulfilled
Since we were in charge of our lives now
We pledged to make the most of whatever came our way
For who knows what opportunities fate would bring

We walked with light-footed steps then
For the weight of the world had been lifted from us
Sometimes, we would travel many miles
Talking and singing with joyous hearts
And we were contented, not guilty
When we opted to lie lazily in each other's arms
Watching the rise and fall of the sun
Ever aware of the beauty in such simple pleasures
We would bask in the warm glow of summer sunsets
Take in the sights, sounds and scents of nightfall
Then fall asleep as early or as late as we wanted
For there was no schedule awaiting us the next morning

And so it is, that each day has been an inspiration
So much so that I feel as if I live in a dream
I voice my fears about losing this all
About having it taken away from me like in the past
But you assure me our time is not about to end soon
For we still have so much to enjoy together
And I trust you are right
I thank you for looking after me
And I love you for showing me what it means to truly live
For we are never really free
Until our hearts have lived out their dreams


AUTHOR'S NOTE: Any last association I had with school finished on Thursday, 18th November, 2004 when I concluded my TEE exams. And now, I am free! For 15 glorious months! To celebrate the occasion, I had to write a poem, of course. And a "lover" metaphor/analogy thingy for freedom is what came out! Finally, I reckon, now with all stresses lifted from my mind, you can expect many more poems from me!