A Description of How Loneliness and Separation Feels

Alone. Suffocating blackness around me, it rolls around me for ever, never ending. It's all empty, just this black void and me. The ground seems to be made of water, for it ripples. It's black and inky, if I sunk I would never find my way up. It's so cold here, it burns. Why am I here? What happened? Where did all the people go? I try to yell, my voice booms from my mouth, but it doesn't echo, the blackness sucks it up.

The solid water ground begins pulling me down, becoming a suffocating liquid that burns worse than the air. I can't scream. I go under, the black abyss's current pulls me under, deeper, deeper, deeper, deeper. Everything hurts, I want air. I breath in the black liquid, it tastes like ashes. My whole being burns horribly from the liquid.

The liquid begins crushing me as I'm pulled deeper.