Creation's Abilities to Think, Reason, and Praise God Through Oral Communication

Man is not the only creature in God's creation to have the ability to think, reason, and praise God orally. Intelligence is built into creation, into everything. Researchers at Purdue University are showing that parrots are very capable of intelligent communication. The parrots, Griffin and Alex, can recognize a wide range of objects. Alex can be shown two triangles that are red and green. When Alex is asked what's different about them, he answers, "Color." When asked what's similar, he answers, "Shape." Sometimes the researcher will tell Alex that he's wrong and Alex will insist he's right until the researcher realizes his own mistake. Both parrots have picked up words they were not systematically taught. Once Griffin was having trouble pronouncing a new word. Alex then turned to him and said, "Speak clearly."

Another example of an intelligent bird is the tropical wetland bird the jacana. Male jacanas are forced to take care of the eggs and young, while the female goes off to her own territory. The male will yell for attention from either his mate or another female that might take him into her home. He'll sometimes fake an emergency to get his mate's attention. Those are just two examples of reasoning and thinking creatures out of hundreds of thousands.

Now for things that praise God. Whales write songs. Their songs can be around 22 hours long and use rhyme, like humans, to keep songs straight from one another. These songs are a lot like poetry. Now three or four examples of non-living things praising God. If you've seen the movie Daredevil, you know that the main character uses a kind of sound radar. In the rain, it's almost like he can see again. This is because each rain drop gives off a little sound. Now, when hundreds of millions of raindrops, snow, hail, or drizzle hits the water in a lake, it can sing. This was proven by Canadian scientists who recorded these sounds. The sun itself rings over many frequencies, so it's like thousands of symphonies are always going on. This is because the sun's surface vibrates. The earth does the same thing because of earthquakes. All the planets and their moons probably do, too. Everyone's DNA even has it's own unique song to it for each person. There are many, many, many examples and so much proof that animals think and reason and praise God orally. What do you think some of those pointless songs birds sing are? Even things that aren't really alive praise God.

"All the earth shall worship You and sing praises to You; they shall sing praises to Your name." (Psalm 44:6)