"You okay, kid?" Joe asked Amelia as she woke up. It had been a long night of zombie-filled madness. Amelia hadn't been doing so well.

"Better, but no," Amelia responded. She still couldn't entirely accept the fact that she was trapped inside a factory full of zombies that wanted to eat her brains. That just wasn't a pleasant thought. Another zombie appeared at the end of the hall and she popped it in the head with her magnum. She was getting better about it.

"Ya' seem to be doing OK."

"Yeah, I said better, but these things still freak the living hell out of me. But still, they smell like shit." Joe let out a little laugh.

"I'll give ya' that one. This is worse than anything else I've ever seen."

"Joe, how'd you get into team HOBO?"

"I was chosen by the government. I had been training as a sniper for the marines. I was the best damn marksman out there, including the guys who'd been doing it forever. My sergeant always said that I had 'the touch.' One day, I was out in the field and some FBI guy came up to me and said that I was needed at the Pentagon. The next day, I was hunting monkeys with ebola. We were a pretty serious clean up crew. Things calmed down after mission five, I started off at mission two. This is the worst thing that I've ever seen. How 'bout you?"

"I was just picked up because I was a good field doctor. God, when I was in the army, I thought I'd seen it all. Hell, I once saw a guy with his head literally hanging off of his body and being eaten by little bugs. Saw him die, too. That didn't disturb me at all. I mean, it's part of my job, right? When I saw these things, though, it was just too much. Corpses don't bother me unless they're moving. At least if I die, I can say that I learned something." Amelia smiled thinly at her own words. She never thought that she'd be smiling at death, but here she was. Joe looked concerned.

"You sure you're OK?"

"Yeah, I'll be good for a while. Later, of course, I may go insane and you'll have to kill me."

"You definitely don't sound OK. You know, we really should get moving. Be strong. We're only gonna' make it out of here if we don't let them get to us." Amelia looked at Joe and nodded. She got up and started walking. Joe drew his 45' and caught up with her. They walked down the halls, listening for any kind of sound. A little cracking sound could be heard. Amelia aimed her gun to the right and Joe did it to the left.

"What're you doing? It's coming this way."

"No, I hear something this way," Joe said. Suddenly, he became very pale. "And that way. And that way. And that way."

"Fuck." Just then, a gigantic beast came barreling down the hall in front of Amelia. It had two gigantic, underslung claws and a scorpion sting on its back. She shot at it, but the bullets almost bounced off its head. It roared and flung itself forward. Amelia quickly pressed her back to the wall and looked down at the stumbling creature. There was an odd looking red mark on its back. She quickly leveled her pistol with it and shot. The thing screeched and slumped over, dead. Joe was already dealing with another one. He shot it in the knee, causing it to stumble, and did likewise with the back. More of the creatures started coming, but Joe and Amelia were already running pretty damn fast. They were at the end of the hall when Joe pulled out his sniper rifle and aimed at the creature in the front.

"Bye-bye, bitch," he muttered as he shot. The bullet ripped through it and into two others behind it. They all fell over, but the remaining one managed to get through. It slashed upward in an attempt to disembowel Amelia. She got quite a cut across her stomach, but she was still alive. The creature, on the other hand, already had Joe's knife in its back. "How bad is it?" Joe asked Amelia.

"Ah, I'll just get some bandages and disinfectant. Nothin' too serious if I patch it up now," she answered, smiling despite the pain she was going through. She started to get out her medical supplies. "You know, this isn't at all like I thought things were gonna' turn out. I wanted to just be a doctor. Not any specific kind, just a doctor. To help people, to save lives. I didn't think I'd end up in an abandoned factory killing zombies and bio-monstrosities."

"When you think about it, you are helping people and saving lives. If we don't kill these things, who's gonna'?" Joe said. Amelia looked up at him and grinned.

"Yeah, I guess you got me there. OK, I'm done here. Let's go," she said as she finished putting a large bandage over her wound. She looked down the hall. 'There's gotta be way out of this place.'

Juan hadn't had a pleasant morning. He had woken up to over three dozen corpses of creatures with big claws and scorpion stingers that Aura called Stalkers scattered throughout the hall and Aura humming Bethoven. The Stalkers had been alive, but the smell that their blood produced was worse than zombies. He then walked throughout the factory behind Aura for at least two hours of killing zombies and stalkers. FInally, they got to a large room with padding.

"This is where I had to fight," Aura said looking around the room. She pointed to a ventilation shaft. "That's the only way out." As Juan began to protest that it was too high up, even if they stood on top of each other, Aura jumped and flipped over in midair so she could kicked out the grate. She landed back on her feet and grabbed Juan. She jumped into the abnormally large shaft and she and Juan made it to the lab on the other side of the vent. When they got in the room, Aura looked at Juan.

"Juan, ya' ever killed a man?"





"Once." Juan was a bit confused. Aura walked behind a glass case and knelt so that Juan couldn't see her. What she said next combined with the sadistic tone that it was spoken in made his blood run cold.

"Werewolf?" Aura stood up, but not the Aura that Juan had seen. While probably just as cold and weird, the change in appearance to that of a seven foot five wolf standing on its forelegs is just a bit too much to overlook. He screamed and started running. Aura smiled. 'I live for this,' she thought.

(For anyone who actually reads this, I'll be updating a lot less frequently. I'm having one hell of a writer's block.)