To S.T Lawrence, these are not vastly overblown statistics that I have been using. These statistics were gathered from the BBC website. The BBC is a company out into creation by the British government whose only purpose is to provide unbiased and factual news. If anything, these figures that I have used would have been underestimates as the BBC does tend to go with the present Government quite a lot of the time.

Stein, I don't want you to use any dying for freedom shite as it is not a proper argument, it is a slogan, you can't argue with a slogan. Think about what you are saying, dying for freedom? DYING. Stein, PEOPLE have DIED. I always hated the Iraqi regime Stein, but is the means of 110,606 people dying justified by the end? I don't think so, remember, the amount of deaths in excess of the deaths that would have happened if the old regimes were still in power is increasing daily.

Oh and Lawrence, I ask you, why call me a child when you descend to such petty insults as "shut your Brit mouth."? I think Mr Lawrence is having a tantrum.